Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Scene

What happens when you get high school girlfriends together for a boozefest thinly disguised as an outdoor movie?

Too.Much. Hilarious.Fun!

Ironic given the setting. For those of you not familiar with Cinespia screenings, they happen every summer at Hollywood Cemetery - one of the coolest and yes, creepiest spots in L.A.

Tonight it was particularly creepy because it provided a bird's eye view of the ominous smoke from the Station blaze.

But despite impending armageddon in the air, hundreds of Angelenos turned out to picnic and watch American Werewolf in London.

We had quite the spread ourselves.

Thanks in part to the MacGwyver-like picnic set that Mr. Diabolina's sister gave us last Christmas.

Our pot luck lunches in high school were never this fancy.

Another must have for cemetery screenings: lanterns.

Perfect for looking crypt keeper creepy on the way to the creepy portapotties.

And for lots of fooling around on the way back from the bathroom.

Rediscovering the timer on my camera kinda fooling.

This photo shoot made us giggle so hard we got shushed by some narc with garlic breath. F.

Who wants to watch the campy movie when you could be playing with your campy friends instead?

Forced to be quiet and still for two hours after serious drinking and eating could only result in one thing.

Falling asleep for the last half hour of the movie.

One of the most relaxing, fun nights of summer '09.

Nothing like old friends who bring out the young in you.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank
Seven for All Mankind jeans
Fashion District neon bra

The Accessories
Stella McCarney bag
Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals
Assorted bracelets
Chanel earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

All summer I've been peeping hot young chicks doing the layered tank top look.

Love the sexy casual ease of the look.

Works on the beach or in the concrete jungle.

For day or night.

Particularly loving Gwen's take with flashes of neon

So tonight I debuted the little pink number I bought for $3 in the fashion district a few weeks ago.

Added a girly bracelet to match.

Thought about wearing shorts since it was scorching all day but ultimately settled on jeans.

Just happened to choose the one pair that were not only the same brand but the same wash as Juana's. AND we both rolled them up tonight.

Love twinsie style.

Mr. D found lots of twinsies tonight too. Fellow white men rocking his statement accessory of all time.

I much prefer him sans hat, displaying his new puppy haircut. Delicious.

Almost as delicious as all the cheese and strawberries I gobbled up tonight. Must have accessory for me this fall: a muzzle.


Sheila said...

Sounds like a fun fun night!!! Wow $3 bras, love the bargain :)

tam pham said...

i love neon bras! i have a few that i recently got from f21 that I LOVE!

amber said...

What a cute, fun outfit for a summer night outside! Adore.

weezermonkey said...

I need a muzzle.

St.Jude said...

love that you're back! and btw, a muzzle??? really??? not a good look for you, but made me laugh.

Juana said...

tee hee!!


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