Saturday, August 15, 2009

Huell Howser at Philippe's

The Scene
This morning we had THE celebrity sighting of all celebrity sightings. While nomnomnoming at Philippe's, my mom spotted Mr. Huell Howser chatting up the ENTIRE restaurant. As if he were the Mayor of Los Angeles. Which he kinda is.

Huell is the host and producer of the long running so-bad-it's-good California Gold program on PBS. Never heard of him? Congratulations! That means you are not a) nerdy or b) a senior citizen. Sadly, my mom and Mr. D are both. Dorky old farts who looooove to learn the most random California facts.

Don't think I've EVER seen my mom so giddy about taking a picture with a celebrity. She actually orchestrated the whole thing. Huell was incredibly gracious and personable. Particularly looooved taking a picture with Mr. D.

Said he loves anyone who's taller than him. According to my mom, Mr. D was quite shy and in love as Huell chatted him up. I wouldn't know. My mom ordered me back to the line to get the food while they rubbed elbows with Huell. Boo. Why am I Cinderelli?

After breakfast, we got down to the business that brought all three of us to downtown in the first place. Mr. D needed to switch super sweet offices at The Firm. And like suckers who love him, my mom and I volunteered to help.

We might have enjoyed pawing his fancy lawyer stuff and fooling around in his chair too.

In the afternoon, my mom and I hit The Fashion District. Picked up some Tiffany-esque trinkets that go well with real Tiffany rings.

My mom also got perhaps the cutest visor ever. Ugh. How Asian mommy does she look??? I want to eat her face.

I picked up several items for the online store I plan to open next week. (HERE'S A SHOP DIABOLINA SNEAK PEEK - STAY TUNED!) Also scored those neon bras that I'd been hoping to find. 3 for $10.

ALMOST bought this crab fanny pack too. For Peaches. He is forever convinced that fanny packs are making a comeback. I think he would rule NYC in this little sparkler.

In the evening, Mr. D and I went to see the much bally-hooed 500 Days of Summer. Enjoyed it as much as two people who found each other at 18 can. Plus, unlike every other white boy and fashionista, we just do not get the Zoey Deschanel thing.

Sure, she's pretty and talented and dresses well. But she just vibes a fundamental hipster smugness that B-U-G-S. Sorry, Zoey fans. I also thought Summer was a beotch who was careless with someone's heart.

The Outfit
Banana Republic top
Forever 21 skirt
The Accessories
Forever 21 headband
Me&Ro earrings
Zara belt
Urban Outfitters sandals
Faux Louis Vuitton bangle
Marc Jacobs clutch
The Grade

The Commentary

I wanted to wear a romper today.

How many times have you heard that this summer?

Instead I opted for separates that felt as easy as a romper.

Still gaga over stripes.

Especially striped dresses.

The skirt felt a bit short today for a lady of a certain age like myself.

The color a little bold.

But I am crazy over bubbles

Convinced myself I was straight out of Dior's Fall Couture show.

All I was missing was the redic hat.

Maybe I should borrow my mom's ;)

But when I hang out with Anna I'll just pair my bubble with one accessory: sunglasses.


Juana said...

Huell Howser! Unbelievable! Huell Howser!

Michelle said...

Ha! My grandma LOVES Huell Howser. And my aunt who moved to the midwest 2 yrs ago says Huell Howser is the one thing she really misses about CA (never mind her family, ahem).

Thank you for not being a cliche and climbing all over the Zooey bandwagon. That being said however, I love her! I love her hair and her style but I don't get "Hipster" vibe from her. Perhaps I'm biased.

The movie does warn you, it is not a love story.

Can't wait for your shop!!

Unknown said...

Haha, what a funny little day. Too bad you didn't like 500 Days of summer, i like Zooey but I don't think she oozes hipster, maybe she does. :) Can't wait to see your shop!

weezermonkey said...

Where is YOUR photo with Huell?!

St.Jude said...

Brown Devil will be SO jealous of your encounter with Huell...but he will be more jealous of Mr. D's Los Doyers tee! Where can we find one?

Fabulosity said...

Can't wait for your shop to open.

Rosemary Brennan said...

Hold the phone. Huell Howser?! Oh, how I adore him! It's my ultimate dream to have him officiate my wedding. Not even joking. Can't wait to see all the goodies in your shop! :)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Will definitely be a customer of the shop. And god your mom is cute.

Grace said...

There are so many things I love about this post...

1. Your mom in her hat. Very Asian mommy indeed. LMAO. I can't get enough of her,she is adorable.

2. Zooey Deschanel- I agree with you and don't get what the big deal with her is either.

3. I'm dying over Huell Howser, lol.

4. Can't wait to see your online shop.

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I think you should definitely go back for the crab fanny pack!

amber said...

Jim's entire face lit up when I told him about you guys meeting Huell. Unfortunately for Jim, I do not share his love of Huell and can often be seen rolling my eyes when he insists on watching his show. Oy.

Kani said...

Huell Howser! This is AMAZING!

I used to think Zooey was cool until I saw her on top chef. She and her hipster friends and her ridiculous eating habits bug.

StartingOver@28 said...

Thought 500 Days of Summer was overrated. Way too overrated.

Anonymous said...

Hee! I thought Summer was a bitch who was careless with his heart, too! But I still love the Deschanel. I'm a fan of her sister Emily, on Bones too. But I <3 Bones because of David Boreanez, mostly. I would probably love anyone loosely associated with him. :)

Your mommy is adorable.


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