Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Scene
Today I got an invitation to a chichi pool party. In Malibu. For Ludacris. By the little quiet girl who is now a fabulous VP of publicity that I used to babysit when I was an acne-ridden teenager.

How my life is this fantastically ludicrous I will never know ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace
Gucci bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

You know how much this devil loves a blue dress.

But not just ANY blue dress. These two would get kicked out of my closet faster than you can say "you're fired" to a stylist.

I love today's dress because of how it falls and drapes and moves and caresses. It's the jersey combined with the pleating. It feels like I'm wearing the wind.

Love how the necklace pulls together the dress and the sweater. The color combo is tres Marc for fall.

The dress choice was actually inspired by my new Manolos. Wanted to wear them for an unprecedented three days in a row. But instead I broke in my new gold Stuart Weitzman flats.

Felt like I was cheating on my OLD Stuart Weitzman gladiators. But these old beauties are on their last legs. I've worn them to death because they go with everything - dress, skirt, jeans, shorts. They've served me well at the beach and in the office. They've traveled with me to New York and Hawaii. Gotta love how versatile a metallic can be.

Thought long and hard on Sunday when I saw my new gladiators.

Didn't want my mom to spend her cheddar on a shoe that would look dated.

But in the end I decided the shoes are subtle enough to be a classic. They aren't as over the top and dramatic as the Chanels and Balenciagas fashionistas were rocking last year.

Plus the fact that it is a metallic sandal that ties instead of one that buckles also makes it less trendy, more timeless.

Not sure why but I always associate tied sandals with glamorous, tan European women.

The strappy gladiator isn't going anywhere as fall approaches. THE shoe of the moment is Chloe Sevigny's shootie for Opening Ceremony.

Nine West and Jeffrey Campbell have already knocked it off. But the whole look is a little too Herman Munster for me.

I prefer the Giuseppe Zanotti take. More glam than goth.

But for the last remaining days of summer 09, I'll be rocking my new Weitzmans. And pretending I'm on Capri...


StartingOver@28 said...

Amazing. You have an amazing life. But fabulous people are given those types of opportunities & its great that you enjoy them!

Holligolightly said...

I love your outfit today! You always use your jewelry and accessories to tie it all in just perfectly and today was no exception! Marvelous--it looks effortlessly chic!

Milly said...

Great sandals...cute necklace!

Juana said...

When you meet Ludacris, I have a warning for you. You will be taller than he is. Don't say he's cute and tiny or proceed to pat him on the head.

KT said...

You met Luda????? Lucky, lucky girl

amber said...

I like the new gladiators. Very chic.


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