Monday, August 3, 2009

The Scene
My car's in the shop this week. So my mom volunteered to drop me off and pick me up from work every day. As if I were in 3rd grade. Minus the plaid jumper, Hello Kitty lunchbox, knee-highs and coke-bottle glasses ;)

Experiencing rush hour L.A. traffic with my overly cautious mama behind the wheel is not something I was looking forward to all weekend. But getting to spend an extra hour with her today was the definition of a treat. Wonderful starting and ending my day with her pretty face.

And the two of us picking up Sprinkles on the way home wasn't half bad either ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
JCrew belt
Gucci bag
Manolo Blahnik heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Nothing like a LWD (little white dress) to beat the Monday blues.

Except maybe having Jennifer Aniston's body in a white dress.

White dresses are the ultimate blank palette in the summer.

Especially for evening.

For the office, you can add a sweater

Or necklace

Fierce shoes

Or an interesting belt

The belt was my choice today since the shape of this dress is anything but flattering. Bought it two sizes too big.

I just loved the lacy rosette detailing so much that I ignored how much it made me look like a marshmellow.

No matter. Today it reminded me of Phillip Lim Resort 2010.

But the real star of the day: my new turquoise Manolos. Do you love????

Saw them and knew I'd get so much use out of them. Just like my turquoise Marc clutch.

Turquoise reads so fresh and works with practically any color.

As the fiercest guy I've seen in a long time proves on my fave new street style blog, Swagger 360.

Plus I figured blue Manolos will be perfect to wear to the next Sex and the City movie ;)


Rachee said...

The bright pops of color are perfect.

Have you seen the new Twelve by Twelve dress that is almost an exact replica of the Phillip Lim skirt you just posted? It's gorg!

<3 the manolos <3

Fabulosity said...

I love those shoes..Sooo Hott on you.

DS said...

Hot outfit, I love your shoes and the pink belt! Little white dresses are so cute any time of year but especially in summer!

Milly said...

Fab shoes...Can't wait to see the others!

Jean Bean said...

I have that dress! Remember when I told you I bought a white dress that reminded me of Jenna Bush's wedding dress? That's the one.

Val said...

Love the uniform, I used to wear one too! I remember that Hello Kitty lunch box, my best friend used to have it, I always wanted one like it. So jealous!

Emily said...

LOVE the Manolos! I'd been meaning to comment on this post when I first saw it, and now that you've put up even more outfits featuring the same shoes I adore them even more. Enjoy all your fun new shoes!

amber said...

Those shoes really are quite fabulous!


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