Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Scene
Last supper with Styleminded tonight. She leaves for San Francisco on Monday. SAD-ness. I suggested Animal. Figured it would be the perfect way to make her miss L.A. :)

Who wouldn't miss pork belly, kimchi, peanuts, chili soy and scallion? World's most amazing dish.

Or the most exquisite amberjack (yellowtail) paired with nectarine, citrus, mint, chili. HEAVEN!

Or salt cod fritters in a tomatillo sauce with pickled peppers. Divine!

Foie gras loco moco, quail egg, spam, hamburger. I misspoke THIS is the world's best dish!

Panna cotta for desserty. Perfectly done and I don't even like panna cotta.

We also had the leg of lamb, merguez, salsa verde with alubia criollo beans which we forgot to photograph because we also had TWO bottles of wine. Oy vey we're animals.

Some of the best food I've ever had in my life. But I must say the company was even better. Will miss nights like these. Discussing ambition and boys in that order. Bonding over a shared past, looking forward to the twists and turns of fate still ahead! Laughing, pigging, and just being together.

I'm already planning my first meal...I mean visit Styleminded in San Fran.

The Outfit
DVF wrap dress

The Accessories
Chanel earrings, bag and shoes
Forever 21 headband

The Grade

The Commentary

Nothing like a girls night out.

Calls for a girly dress in my opinion ;)

Today's dress was my third resale purchase last Friday.

Loved the vaguely tribal/animal print.

But the pricetag is what sealed the deal: $40! A steal of a deal for a DVF wrap in black and white with splashes of red. It's a classic.

DVF herself says so.

After all, she shows them every season - Resort 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

Resort 2010

The $4 headband was the cherry on top.

Felt straight out of a DVF ad.

Next DVF dream purchase: this animal print beauty. LOOOOVE!

Won't work with today's headband. So I might have to try it with slightly different headgear.


WendyB said...

I need leopard print ears to match my leopard print Patrick Kelly gown.

Rachee said...

adore the outfit, the headband is perfection!

I need to get myself to Haute Seconds STAT.

Liz said...

I *love* pork belly! And pigging with my girlfriends.

amber said...

LOVE the new dress!!

Jennifer said...

Wait. No. You did NOT say fois gras loco moco. No. Because if you DID say that, then I'm about to grab my keys to drive the ding dang four hours to get some. NOooooOOoooOO!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Now that was an outfit. Perfect from head to toe. The headpiece is TDF.

sarah said...

outfit? what outfit? all I can think about is the food!!!

Rosemary said...

YUM! What a lovely farewell dinner for your Bay area bound pal.

Caitlin said...

you've been killing it lately. FOR REALS. I friggin love this outfit. A+

Ivy said...

I have got to get myself to animal...the food looked YUMMY! And then I saw your dress, I have the same one! It's one of my fave DVF pieces...I get compliments on it every single time, and I'm sure you will too!

PiGGieSandCoW said...

Love the headband! Love love the headband with the dress! Love love love the fact the whole thing was less than 50 bucks! Not counting the Chanel of course.

I'll be in Los Angeles in January. Do you think a resale/vintage shopping tour would be possible?

Milly said...

love the headband!

lookrichbitch said...

fois gras loco moco? STFU.


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