Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Feature: Kbro's Corner

A few days ago the always dapper and delicious KBro informed me that the Barney's Warehouse sale is downtown this year. He suggested we "do drinks next week and share finds." He acknowledged that though he sounds like my best girlfriend, he is very much hetero. HA!

I haven't been to the Barney's sale in ages. Frankly because I always think the merch is too picked over by the time my 9-to-5-working ass gets there. Plus the frenzy these types of sales creates also makes me a little sick to my stomach. As FashionIntel tweeted, "I hate to see clothes mistreated."

But this LA Racked article filled with promises of Lanvin and DVF and Phillip Lim made me reconsider. When I sent it to Kbro, he said he LOVED the picture of the girl on the ground and that he was definitely going opening day.

He also said I had to go to the sale. For blog fodder. I think he wanted me to go to justify his going (read:spending money.) Sable Crow does this to me all the time too.

When I asked KBro to take a quick looksee in the girl section and report back, he fired back, Sorry, I've got to focus when I'm there. Either I'm shopping for someone else or myself. I can't mix.

Ugh. He is straight. Can't multitask for shit. But thankfully he can write. Here's his concise but dead-on synopsis of the sale experience:

I really needed to get some pants, so at least I had a bit of an agenda instead of just wandering around. I did a lap then I relaxed, had a sandwich, and went back in to meet my needs.

And unfortunately ended up with an AMAZING suit that I don't need, but... oh well. It looks a bit rumpledstilskin in this picture, but that place is a battlefield.

As for the report on the women's stuff... it's one thing to carry all your claimed high-class goods around in a f***ing trash bag, but my favorite is when all dignity has truly vanished and they just flat-out draaaaag it around.

Ugh. He had me at sandwich. Love how he failed to mention his new suit just happens to be Dries Van Noten. ADORE!!! Thinking I'll stop by the sale. Gonna have to match his hotness for drinks next week, right?


Lotus said...

Love your dress & legging combo- gorgeous! :)

Rosemary said...

Super excited for the sale! A co-worker and I are taking advantage of our company's summer Friday's and heading to the convention center at 1230. Wish us luck!

{grace} said...

It's been years since I've been to a Barney's warehouse sale. I agree about the stuff being picked over and by the time I get around to going, a lot of the stuff is damaged or just not my size.

Whimpers quietly to herself at the thought of Phillip Lim markdowns... SO tempting.

Michelle said...

You have a great group of friends but I must say that this KBro, is my fave! I have such a crush on him. Swoon. :)

Rachee said...

I'm going tomorrow and am a Barney's Warehouse sale virgin. Am tres nervous about popping my Barney's cherry.

Jean Bean said...

i stopped going to these because it's shoulder to shoulder, and i make bad decisions under all that pressure. but it doesn't look too crowded in that trash bag photo. trash bag! that's a new one on me.

Sable Crow said...

LOVE KBro's report. Alas, I'm skipping the Warehouse sale this year. Spending all my money on my Halloween costume.

Straight boys ALWAYS forget to mention Dries van Noten. F. Get my hopes up with a boy buying DvN...

Maybe I invite you because I enjoy having the best, and YOU'RE the best. Also, maybe being fabulous and single all the time is lonely.

Crows are social creatures!

Sable Crow

Ivy said...

That trash bag pic is too much! Managed to drag myself to the sale last time at the SaMo airport, and snagged a pretty pretty pair of Prada pumps that I couldn't leave behind on the last day. The convention center is a bit of a drive so I don't know if I'll go this time.

amber said...

My co-worker just went after work and said it was empty. EMPTY! She said it was actually a bit creepy as her and her friend were the only ones there.


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