Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Scene

Last day in paradise.

Packed and had an early breakfast

On the way to the beach, we had to walk past the scene of last night's vampire centipede attack. Chilling.

While Mr. D scored a sweet umbrella hut to read under

I made my own shade :)

Played in the water and tanned until midday

Then headed to the airport in style.

There we peeped more Obama shirts.

Pretty sweet except they were $25 a pop. F. Thank god for our swap meet.

Ended the vacation with a quick dinner before our uneventful flight. Can you believe I made it through this vacation without drinking any soda or coffee???? The doctors told me to try cut back since both likely aggravate the reaction I am having to the butchered procedure.

That means two weeks ago today I quit cold turkey. Never thought I could. Have cut down on the booze too. Wah. But unless I'm on my death bed I won't give up my cocktails. Maybe not even then.

The Outfit
Resale tunic/Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Image wrap sweater
Fashion District sandals and bracelet
Forever 21 hat

The Grade

The Commentary

Love blousy tunics as beach cover-ups

So very DVF on holiday.

This tunic is the definition of versatile. Works with bare legs and a lei

Or leggings and a leather jacket.

Tunics are the purrfect alternative to shorts on the beach.

Much more feminine AND flattering

Much more Gossip Girl glam

If tunics just aren't for you, I challenge you to take the shorts/top combo to the next level. LOVE Leighton's sassy take.

Was loving the tunic so much on the beach that I thought about wearing it on the plane. For one hot second.

Then I snapped out of my vacation-induced delusions and remembered I should leave the micro-minis to teenage size 00s.

Mid-thigh is really as short as a tunic-dress should hit on a thirty-something size 8.

Must have had heat stroke because I also thought about wearing my crazy old lady hat on the plane.

Speedy Gonzalez meets Samantha.

Another simple but fab way to accessorize on the beach.

But in the end I opted for no hat on the plane.

We might have been traveling by limo on the island but we were flying home in coach. Emergency exit but still...


Sable Crow said...

Vampire centipede! Dracupede!

Love the Diabolina vacation-edition. Sorry to see it draw to a close.

amber said...

That tunic is sooo Hawaii chic. <3


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