Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Scene
After non-stop pigging the last four days

Tried to be healthy this morning with some oatmeal.

But, like a Hawaii hog, I had to have some mangos too. Not a good idea. Too mucho fiber all at once.

Think Charlotte+Mexico+chocolate pudding in the Sex in the City movie. Ughs.

Today we headed to Hawaii's largest swap meet.

Partly because we wanted to sneak a peek at the Aloha Bowl

And partly because we'd heard you can pick up gifts for 1/5 of what you pay in Waikiki.

Was fun strolling in the sun, peeping pretty tourists

And purty souvenirs - can you say LV inspired beach bag?

Picked out summery dresses for Mr. D's mama and sisters

And hunted around looking for the perfect Obama tee for my mom.

All the tshirts were either too big

Or not cute nuff. Until we hit the very last stall.

Loved these shirts. Came in all different colors and sizes. Snapped up several for 5 bucks each.

Stopped by Target to pick up some reading material and found an aisle brimming with goodies we wished we could smuggle back to L.A. It's not Fourth of July if someone doesn't almost lose a finger, right?

Read and relaxed by the pool midday

And got glowy and massaged at the spa in the afternoon.

Took a stroll at dusk

Then tried not to openly weep during our last supper in Hawaii.

Walked back to our hotel along the water - romantical style. When we were almost to our door, A CENTIPEDE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND CLAMPED ONTO MR. D's TOE! WTF!!! I actually think it was a vampire centipede. A twilight-pede, if you will.

Left two distinct fang marks. Thankfully the Ihalani staff provided everything Mr. D needed to keep the swelling down and manage the pain. My poor baby.

But I guess it's not a tropical vacation if someone doesn't almost lose a toe. F.

The Outfit
Fashion District tunic

The Accessories
Fashion District bracelet, hair pin, and sandals
Luella for Target tote
Chanel sunnies

The Grade

The Commentary

It's official: I should always be on vacation. I mean it was like I was boooorn to dress for lounging.

Right down to my cherry tote ;)

Today I felt straight out of a Missoni ad in my chiffon tunic.

Have you SEEN this season's stunning Missoni ad campaign?

It's how I dream Jean Bean and I will vacation in our 40s.

Fanfuckingtasticly glamorous

Until then there are some more affordable Missoni-esque looks on Shopbop.

Though paying more than $50 for a vacation dress is not necessary in my opinion.

Take the Forever dress I rocked for dinner with my fave accessory. It cost well under $50.

Next time I'll swap out the lei for a belt.

Currently loving this adorable kaleidoscope of a dress at Anthropologie

And this Arden B cutie. Anyone shop at Arden B? I always think it's overpriced for the quality. But may need to take a stroll in there to confirm.


Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

The F21 dress looks so FAB on you! This whole week has got me dying to go to Hawaii - never been! And yes, Arden B is totaalllly overpriced for the quality! xo

lookrichbitch said...

I loved this post!!! Food (and the aftermath!) Obama! Dresses! Spa face!


tam pham said...

i love that F21 dress on you! so vacay chic.

Kani said...

Your posts always make me laugh. Love it all, the fiber intake, twilight-pede, and swap meet.

amber said...

Boo to the centipede! :(

Nina said...

Amazing pictures Amazing dresses!! Arden B dresses are fabulous and best for summer time...


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