Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Scene

Breakfast of champions followed by an hour for suckers.

Yesterday I found out that if we spent an hour learning about Marriott Resort timeshares, we'd get a hundred dollar gift spa certificate. Um, score.

Thought Mr. D would think I was ghetto for even suggesting it but he didn't. Apparently, he thinks we're still poor college kids too. YAY! What sounded like a good scheme yesterday, made me super anxious today. I don't like wasting people's time or having to say no. Thankfully, our salesman was not sleazy or about the hard sell. But he was extremely good at selling an attractive product.

For a hot second we even thought about signing on the dotted line. But figured we'd absorb all the information back home. Talk to friends who own timeshares. Can't go making $40,000 purchases when you're on a vacation high.

With a hundred spa dollars in our pocket, we proceeded with our original plan for the day: a road trip up to the north shore of Oahu.

The landscape wasn't nearly as lush as Maui's road to Hana but it was still a gorgeous drive.

Stopped by the Dole Plantation.

The house that pineapples built.

Picked up some souvineers and peeped lots and lots of pineapples

Next stop Turtle Bay

Secluded slice of paradise

Had cocktails with a side of stunning views

Unfortunately sand between our toes didn't make up for the AWFUL service we got during lunch.

They not only lost our order and made us wait about 45 minutes but then the dessert they offered to comp us took another half an hour to arrive. F that dump. Didn't even see any sweet turtles.

Next up the Polynesian Cultural Center

Lots of learning to do but we weren't really in the mood.

Fooled around instead

On the way back we wanted to try a few of the prawn trucks everyone raves about but we got a bit skeeved out by them

So instead I decided to take my white shrimp to the beach.

Love how I can't get enough of the beach on vacation but I rarely go back home.

Ended the day with a little room service and a movie. Heavenly day in heaven.

The Outfit
Fashion District romper

The Accesories
Fashion District sandals
Headband by Mr. Diabolina

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around the adorable braided headbands we made yesterday. Want to wear them every day all day.

The flowers matched my old coral necklace purrfectly. Felt like a Polynesian princess right down to the neckline of my romper.

Nabbed the romper in the same store as yesterday's white dream of a dress. Under $50.

Adding that store to my Recessionista tour of the Fashion District for shizzle.

Love the versatility of a black romper

Especially when traveling.

You can add a cool necklace

Or a jacket to completely change the vibe

Dress them down with flats

Or glam them up with heels

It's one summer piece that can take you from the beach

Straight to the red/green carpet ;)

As with any piece, it's all about the fit, material and how you accessorize.


tam pham said...

that shade of orange looks yummy on mr.d! you rock the rompers so well. i, on the other hand, am very hesitant about rompers...not sure if i can really rock them.

weezermonkey said...

Polynesian princess photo = priceless.

JCHokie said...

LOL, your "white shrimp" too funny!

Jean Bean said...

This post just makes me feel pale!

amber said...

How cute are you in that romper?! Love!

I'm the same way with the beach, rarely go here, but in HI, cannot get enough.

lookrichbitch said...

ugh.. i would totally sign up for that presentation just to get the spa credit! and not because i think i'm still a college studen but really because i'm all about the free! d'oh.

i need a romper. you find me cute romper. now.

Kani said...

**sigh** what a perfect day.

Now I want a romper.

Sable Crow said...

Love Mr. D on the beach. hehe!


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