Monday, June 29, 2009

My Super Sweet Fashion Face Off
11 year old Diabolina v. 31 year old Diabolina
in brown at a Hawaiian luau

I remember buying this plaid shorts outfit at Miller's Outpost (now known as Anchor Blue) with my mom. Along with peach jeans. The 80s were so deliciously tragic.

Thank god for Forever 21 in 2009. And Brazilian blowouts. Above is how kinky my hair normally looks on vacation after a day at the beach. Dios mio it's glorious to be a wash and go girl.

This fashion face off goes to the elder D. Fo shizzle.


amber said...

Miller's Outpost! Dude, like 50% of my clothes in HS came from there. Tragic indeed. ;)

Mar5195 said...

Yay for Miller's Outpost! You know when you bought those pleated cuffed plaid shorts you thought you looked good!

I had some white ones just like that. I used to wear them with my crochet sweaters.

90210 Brenda rocked that style.

Kyle said...

Did someone say Peach jeans??

lookrichbitch said...

i seriously need to go to hawaii. never been. :(

and i seriously need to go to LA and get that brazilian blowout!

hot damn!


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