Friday, May 15, 2009

The Scene
Couldn't sleep last night. Too worried about Mr. D, too many ghosts haunting my dreams.

Decided to take a personal day. Would've been useless at The Office and The Office would've been useless to me today. Spent the morning nervously straightening up the house and hanging on every update I got from Mr. Diabolina. He is now safely on the east coast and hopes to be back home by Monday.

Spent the afternoon gathering strength from my mom

Bawling with Jean Bean

And being comforted by Peaches. By the time Sable Crow checked in on me around 3 pm, I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day. He did something he's never had to do before - demand that I eat something ;)

Pulled myself together and ran out to pick up my go-to comfort food, Chin Chin. Also nabbed a coupon there for a free cupcake next door at Buttercake Bakery (like the ghetto piggie superstar that I am - awwww yeah!) Came home and devoured my treats with a side of InStyle.

Started feeling better but not fun enough to keep our big plans with Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox tonight. For weeks, we'd been planning a FABULOUSLY L.A. night for Mr. B who's visiting from Portland this weekend. So sad Mr. D and I missed him and the shenanigans- especially the VODBOX and furs at Nic's.

Instead I spent some quality time with my TiVo tonight. Watched the finales of America's Next Top Model and Lost - even though I haven't really watched either show in months. Thoughts: Don't know how Allison made it to the top two and god lord, I want to eat Sawyer with a spoon.

Couldn't fall asleep again tonight. So, well after midnight, I decided to try my hand at DIY. Made my first statement necklace. Didn't turn out half bad. Might be able to wear it in public. Wish Mr. D was here to see it.

The Outfit

The Accessories
My cell phone and the remote

The Grade

The Commentary

Spent most of the day wrapped in a Snuggie close to the phone.

Only left the house for 15 minutes. And when I did, I just threw on work out clothes. F. Hate that so many women L.A. do that every single day. At least I had emotional turmoil to blame for my sartorial lameness today.

In reality a LBD with a comfortable flat is truly just as easy and much more fashionable than sweats and sneakers.

Even your go-to denim with a tank and well cut jacket is an infinitely chicer option than work out wear.

You can even go trendy with a simple cropped pant and kitten or wedge heel.

This summer I challenge you to THINK about what you put on every weekend. Is it flattering? Do you feel fabulous? Rethink what's really "easy"and what's just a sign that you're in a rut. Think everyone should take the NYTimes' advice and get a friend's help "shopping your own closet."

Or save a friendship and hire me for a wardrobe consultation ;)


weezermonkey said...

There is shit like Tommy Hilfiger fleece pullovers in my closet.

You would die if you saw it.

WendyB said...

Hang in there!

StartingOver@28 said...

Sometimes there is nothing like a good blanket or robe+blanket combo to block out the problems in the world. I have been cuddled up in my afghan for the last 3 months. Hang in there.

Da Fashionista said...

weemo, don't tell me these things. i'll give you the friends and family discount for my services.

just say no to fleece,

KT said...

Hugs n snuggies to you.

MissJordyPants said...

Some days are just better in a Snuggie.

Hearts & Kisses to your face.

Kate said...

I LOVE your outfit!:)

amber said...

Thinking good thoughts for you and Mr. D. {{hugs}}

I'm totally putting more thought into my weekend outfits, as you know. My new thing is to try and wear at least one dress or skirt per weekend instead of always relying on jeans. So far, so good. :)


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