Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina is baaaaaaaaaaack! Lots of tears and kisses tonight.

I wish I could get into what's been happening. Chronicle the horrible and the wonderful stories about the last week and how it has changed our lives forever. I think sharing could bring so much healing and positive energy around a situation filled with so much pain. But as I said last week, this is not my story to tell.

I can say that Mr. Diabolina has returned from an emotionally Herculean task and he is a different person - an even more compasionate, open and mature person. Our souls are now connected on a level I never could have dreamed possible 13 years ago when we first met, when we were just kids who didn't know any better.

I am more certain now than ever that he and I...that the life we have together...that our love was destined to be. Striking the clarity that tragedy can bring.

The Outfit
Banana Republic top
Forever 21 skirt and sequin bolero

The Accessories
Chanel bag and earrings
Prada heels
Fashion District bangle

The Grade

The Commentary

Typically when I wear this skirt I pair it with a black top and red shoes.

But today I decided to do things a little bit differently. Starting with the deadly but gorgeous Pradas.

The fullness of this skirt always makes me feel very retro

Very Dita.

Also a bit like the inspiring Hanh in a Miu Miu print crossed with

her exquisite Commes des Garcons.

Today's red and white and black

Also reminded me of last week's inspired Chanel Resort collection.

Love that for less than $30 I got a timeless skirt that is a cross between See by Chloe

And Thakoon. God I heart Forever 21.

It's also where I scored today's little sequin bolero.

Nothing like sequins to battle the doldrums at work.

Think I proved today that you don't have to be a working girl to rock sequins by day

Sure sparkle is more expected at night.

But just the right sequin accents can bring a quirky playfulness to your daytime wardrobe.

In lust with this perfectly languid DVF sequin blazer. If it weren't $800 I'd own it and wear it every day.

Also getting into the idea of a sequin skirt with a tossed on t-shirt. Casual elegance at it's best.

Mixing sequins with denim is also a no brainer.

Sequined shoulders would be fierce too. Think I smell another DIY...


WendyB said...

Glad he's back. I bet this sequined jacket would look great on you.

Ly said...

I love that skirt! Albeit I'd be lying if I told you I liked today's look better than the last time you wore it, (I adore black,white and red) both looks are uber feminine and chic!

Glad that your Mr. D is back home..

Emily said...

I know this is a sad time for both of you, but hearing you talk about how your relationship has grown made me happy :) I'm glad you're pulling through it together.

On a lighter note, I love this skirt!

amber said...

That skirt is fabulous!


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