Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Scene
When my mom suggested dinner tonight, I suggested we grab it with a side of sale shopping. Today Bloomie's was offering 15 % off online and in stores. And shopping proceeds for the day would benefit Mentoring USA. Win win.

So after a dinner spent mostly gabbing about Obama, we hit the sales rack. Found some skinny gray William Rast jeans that would have been 45% off. Unfortunately, my calf muscles didn't like the fit. Ughs.

Nothing else really caught our eye until we were leaving and saw the sale sunglasses. Eureka! Found lots of cute pairs including MISSONI. 55% off.

My mom settled on this pair since she's been looking for a pair of reddish sunglasses...and frankly because we don't own any Missoni. Plus they matched her outfit!!!

I ended up getting a pair too. Mostly because I fell victim to The Shopping Frenzy. Just wanted to buy something...anything...on sale. Will likely return them tomorrow. Maybe they'll let me keep the adorable zigzag case...

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Robert Rodriguez skirt
Levine peacoat

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and bag
Hue tights
Marc by Marc Jacobs mary janes
Dior inspired ring

The Grade

The Commentary

Today's look had been percolating for a few days but was directly inspired by the First Lady last night. God she looked sensational in her high waisted skirt and feminine sleeveless shell. Classic yet modern. Simple but impossibly chic.

Decided to add the black tights to keep warm and fashion up the look.

Opted for the Mary Janes because I didn't have the balls to do red open toed sandals I really wanted to wear. Maybe in my next life...

Needed the coat today since it's still a bit nipply out in the am and pm in So Cal.

Am thinking about changing out the buttons of this peacoat. Femme it up a bit.

Adoring the MJ top tucked in today. Think I love it more each time I wear it.
So playful and girly.

It's probably one of my most versatile polka dot pieces.

Best part of my day: Kissing Mr. Diabolina goodbye this morning. He whispered sleepily in my ear that I looked pretty..."like a lady bug!" Hahahah!!!! Love that I was wearing my Dior inspired ring with an actual lady bug on it. That mister knows me well.


amber said...

have you seen the latest people with michelle obama on the cover? she looks spectacular! pinky-berry colored lace v-neck sheath. stunning.

tam pham said...

so great that you have such a fun shopping partner! i can only imagine that hit that my checking account would take if i lived in the same city as my momma!

I heart that blouse so much! this outfit should definitely be an A+!

weezermonkey said...

And how lame was Jindal?

I almost felt sorry for Republicans.


WendyB said...

Before I got to the remark from MrD, I was thinking that you looked like an adorable ladybug! Great minds think alike.

Unknown said...

I think William Rast jeans are so over priced. I have a whole rant about how dare Justin Timberlake price his line that way! But at 45% off they are much more reasonable I think.
Also, I am obsessed with that lady buy ring. It is so pretty! It also helps with the winter blues!


Anonymous said...

Luv u ladybug. While Sable Crow admittedly will look better than me in plaid, I think of myself as your original Brad. Can't wait to see the results of your newest consultation.

Mr. D

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite outfits ever! I agree with Mr. D. You look so pretty today. A++


lookrichbitch said...

ARGH.. Why didn't I buy that MJ top? Then you and I could've been twinsies! Alas, I was trying to be good and I put it back. Poo.

Did I mention I LOVE that ring?


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