Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Scene

Behold: the Missoni sunglasses I bought yesterday....and returned today. F. The look of them on my face was alright. Not spectacular.

Mostly got them cuz of the print on the inside. How much do you love?? Unfortunately, the fit on my cheekbones was super awkward. Fie on these chipmunk cheeks!!!

While I was at Bloomie's tonight, I took a turn around the men's section for inspiration. On Saturday, I will have my biggest styling challenge yet: a Sable Crow.

He wants me to help prune his closet full of steely Armani as well as get some more recession budget friendly pieces into his rotation.

I am taking him to Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Phillip Lim, Revolve and start. I'd like him to lighten up his look. Add more color. Invest in more accessories that pop.

I think he could really rock out the Chuck Bass look. Prepster. Foppish. Dandy. Haute.

Can't wait to Rachel and Brad it around town after his style update!

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Isaac Mizrahi for Target cashmere cardigan
The Accessories
Chanel bag
Forever 21 necklace and bracelet
Prada shoes
Brass Plum earrings
Diorette inspired ring
The Grade

The Commentary

Another little F21 jersey dress. Another nice building block. Similar to this Dior dress on Jessica Alba.

Simply add the cardigan in a contrasting color and you are half way to a homerun of a spring outfit.

Dug out the bangle and the Dior garden.

Three coworkers remarked on my ring today. L-O-V-E it. A reader in D.C. asked me to pick one up for her. Going to try to find it downtown this weekend for her.

Added the cheapie necklace and earrings to matchy matchy with the sweater.

Jean Bean in her new Valentine's Day J Crew necklace and matching Marc heels would approve.

Opted for the pinkie Pradas today.

Would have loved to have worn any one of these shoes. They aren't Rodarte. They are Christian Siriano for PAYLESS!!! $25-$45. Coming this fall.

Peaches, your Gay At Large, brought them to my attention. So thank him for making you drool with excitement ;)

p.s. Confession: I harbor delusions that I look like Jessica Alba.

I mean if I lost 30 pounds and rarely smiled, we'd definitely maybe look like distant cousins related through marriage.

All this madness started three years ago when I discovered the website My Heritage. And it claimed I looked like that Cubanita and my ego liked that. Alot.

It also told me I looked like Ellen Degeneres and John Cusack. Which I actually do when you really look. It's all in the smiling eyes and longish nose.

But I definitely prefer the Alba comparison ;)

What celebrity do you look like?


Anonymous said...

1. You are way cuter than Jessica Alba.
2. I cannot believe those Christian Siriano shoes for Payless. If they make some in black, I am totally buying them!

WendyB said...

Ha ha -- love the photo of you with grumpy face.

dreamer0703 said...

so cute of you dress like Alba!! good try, and you did very good job mix match forever 21 with Chanel!!

Amanda Franchard. said...

I have always been paranoid of color...I dress like an 80-year old widow with all my grey, black, and dark blue. But lately I have been loving popping color...that Target sweater? Adorable! You inspire me :P

WeezerMonkey said...

I can't lie -- I fear the Siriano shoes. Those spikes really scare me. A lot.

My celebrity lookalikes include Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years), Jennifer Connelly (it's the thick eyebrows, I think), and Christina Ricci.

Oh, and ton of Asian peeps I've never heard of.

Jean Bean said...

I DO approve. x

MissJordyPants said...

AHHH didn't know the Siriano line wasn't coming until Fall! It's on my list to find a Payless in the vicinity so that those green heels and I can get acquainted. poop.

The Stiletto Effect said...

The Missoni sunglasses are very stylish!

Daphne said...

nice sunglasses!
nice blog too!

visist my blog


lookrichbitch said...

Love that ring!

Whenever I do those "who do you look like" things, I always get random Asian people that I look nothing like. Sad!

mrs. cly said...

i too have the same check probs w/ my sunglasses. but at least we both look fab in them! =D

love your color choice of your cardigan!

amber said...

love the color combo! and i'm not usually a ring person (save for the wedding variety), but that dior look alike is really quite cute.


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