Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Scene
On Monday, Styleminded asked me if I wanted to go to a Saks party tonight. My answer was DUH! Exactly why would I ever turn down Saks + party + Styleminded.

Remember the last time we partied at Saks? Ugh. That goes down as one of THE most unexpectedly, unequivocably fun girls' nights...EVA.

Gawd, so much has change since March. Namely, 2 out of the 4 of us no longer work at the company where we all met. We don't see each other every day , multiple times a day. We are barely managing once a month now. Wah. How I miss my Asian Sisterhood of the Traveling Party.

Tonight only my Peeper ended up making the drive out my way. Which is fine by me. Any time I can lure her homebody ass out, I am ecstatic.

Oh and - for the record - anytime I get to eat tasty finger foods like lobster corndogs and little Reuben sandwiches, I am pretty ecstatic too.

Always lovely to see Styleminded's friend - the man who makes all our partying at Saks possible.

He looked pretty different than he did back in March. Something about a mixed martial arts fight and surgery and no regret. I was busy staring at his three piece suit and yummy tie while he yammered on and on ;)

Early in the night we made friends with this former Laker. He is 6'11''!!! Have no idea what his name is but we pretended to care.

And peeped Bret Ratner, director of Rush Hour and former "paramour" of Serena Williams and Lindsay Lohan. The whole event was sponsoring an Ernst Benz watch he designed to support Chrysalis, a nonprofit changing lives through jobs.

I love a pet cause but I cannot tell a lie - I like a good shoe better. And there were plenty of hot shoes tonight. Teetering about, winking at me, saying, "Hello Lover" like total wanton sluts. Ugh. Decided to channel the venerable Jak and Jil and started snapping my seducers.

This simple Louboutin had me at red soles.

This woman with her tights, perfectly arched tootsies, Marc quilted bag and friend in Nine West booties made me giddy.

These two friends - one in cuffed jeans, booties and a silver Chanel, the other in leather leggings and stilletos - snagged my cutest couple of the night award.
And by cutest I mean fiercest.

Adore the heels in the background, not so much the hobo chic tights in the foreground. Maybe on slimmer calves. MAYBE.

Not everything I shot was - um - inspiring though. We took the white after Labor Day as a sign - time to go.

The Peeper and I started wandering the streets of BH 90210 in search of food larger than the size of an earring and ended up at Mr. Chow.

Now Mr. Chow is a scene-y place where I'd expect to see a Paris Hilton. Never dreamed she'd hit Lawry's on a Saturday night.

Alas, no star sightings tonight over dinner. The Peeper and I were too enraptured with our food and always stimulating conversation.

I heart the Peeper. She can get giddy over NKOTB with me, don a blonde wig for my birthday, talk me down from the ledge all day over IM and make me snort laughing with her deadpan quips. She is a superwoman. She just has to be reminded of that at times.

The Outfit
Forever 21 LBD
Vintage trench coat

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Chanel bag
Louis Vuitton earrings
Sam Edelman booties

The Grade
S is for Saks Satisfactory

The Commentary
Can you believe The Peeper and I showed up dressed exactly alike tonight???
Booties, tights, LBDs, light colored trench coats and black purses!!!

I love psychic friends network.
I love being fashion twinsies.

Think we blended well with the Saks crowd - without our trenches on :)

Like a Jak and Jil snapshot, there was alot of black.

All black on both men and women and Chanel bags.

We even saw this woman unfurl a black Amex card to match her prom dress.

It was a night of great accessories. Chanel pearls, Goyard purses, statement necklaces...

Whatevs, myfaux Marni from F21 got lots of approving looks.

So did the purple legs paired with the booties. Barneylicious.

Very Rachel Bilson me thinks.

And very Gwynnie.

Ugh just look at that bootie deliciousness with no bootay.

If I saw her in that outfit, I might just give her the stink eye ala Nicky Hilton ;)

For more professional pics from tonight's event check out 944 Magazine.


Ann Marie said...

Is it bad that I'm still giggling at the prom dress? :-)

WeezerMonkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WeezerMonkey said...

Notwithstanding his short stint with the Lakers (and the Heat and the Bulls), I will always consider John Salley a Piston and mortal enemy of my beloved Magic, Kareem, and Worthy. Boo!

amy said...

there is nothing chic about those ripped tights. only hobo.

WendyB said...

I love your stink eye photo. Very funny!

Ripped tights have worn out their welcome with me already.

amber said...

oh, the purple tights are cute! isn't it fun when you wind up as twinsies with your bestie? :)


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