Monday, November 10, 2008

The Scene
For the last few weeks, I've had a nagging feeling that the new guy on Gossip Girl looks like the poor man's version of someone I know.

And tonight I figured it out: The Riz!!! Of course, he too is a photographer and bona fide lady killer. Jinx.

Um, I've also had a nagging feeling Serena's always-on-display boobage CANNOT be God-given. Discuss.

The Outfit
Banana Republic top
Marni slacks

The Accessories
Forever 21 belt
Marimekko necklace
Marc Jacobs bag
Marni shoes

The Grade

The Scene

Was feeling somber today. But all black felt too blah. Added the playful accessories and, VOILA, boringness averted.

Thought this bold necklace from H&M would compliment the Marni pants and shoes. It's a whole lotta necklace for just $7. Love.

Feels like it could be straight off the Marni Spring 2009 runway.

Bought these heavy wool slacks a bit snug but they are Marni so I deal. Wear them a little high waisted and call it a day. I mean, they were only $30 at Crossroads.

Have been loving wide legs. Especially paired with my two most coveted pieces at the moment: a leather jacket and studded belt.

You have to get the proportions just right with voluminous pants. Too easy to look like the Michelin Man. Britney rocked em right (did I just say that???) on stage with Madonna recently - kept the heels high and the top fitted.

They feel so grown up.

And assertive.

Nerdy frames + wide legged trousers =



And what post would be complete without Heidi stealing my style. F.


WeezerMonkey said...

We should just call her Feidi.

And I am so Michelin Man in wide-legs. :(

amy said...

wow! nerdy frames + wide-legged trousers = i can't believe i "rock" something linked with style, as a person with a stuffy career that demands conformity to boring dark suits.

and btw, i don't think heidi (ugh) steals your style. i think she fails miserably at attempting to replicate it. she is the very definition of a "hot mess" and you are the complete opposite!

Emily said...

I agree that wide-legs are grown up...I bought a pair of wide-leg jeans a couple months ago and feel like they add instant sophistication. Although they do require heels, which makes me even more of a giant among the mini Chileans. The price of fashion!

Re: Blake/Serena's cleavage, I've never given them a second thought and have just assumed she got some good genes. Although I am now scouring the internet for pictures and beginning to wonder, I still feel like from how she comes across in interviews she's not the fake boobs at 21 type.

Milly said...

I love wide leg pants...own a few.....i love your necklace!

amber said...

i love wide leg pants -- they are a nice balance for my pear-shaped body. ;)

Couture Carrie said...

OMG you go the bicolor tights - swooon!
And I love that H&M/Marni necklace - what an incredible find!
Also, I agree with you that Serena's may not be originals, but they fit her frame so I think it was a good aug!


lookrichbitch said...

i find myself staring at that boobage whenever GG is on. if they're fakies, they look fab! hahaha.

adore your necklace!

Ana said...

Love that H&M it from their Marimekko-inspired collection? Now I'm kicking myself for not grabbing it! Love the whole look!

JillFantastic said...

Those ta-ta's are definitely fake, but I wouldn't kick em outta bed!

Jean Bean said...

GET! OUT! I wore the same necklace that day!

MissJordyPants said...

I'm thinking the boobage is natural... and fabulous.

Adore the wide leg... just bought my second pair and I can't wear them enough. They'll be a holey hot mess just in time to go out of style again.

harp said...

I NEED that necklace!

Tiffany said...

damn that heidi!

I am dying for nerdy glasses! i tried on some Chanels that I might be getting!

tam pham said...

blake's boobage is fake...i think.

i can't believe how good Britney looked! i loved those pants!


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