Sunday, November 9, 2008

Diabolina Don't
Forgetting the most important truth: we are all one.

Mr. B's No on 8 oeuvre:

And a little something I wrote many moons ago - it applies now, it applies always:

There are so many ways to connect
and be connected to people.

To feel tied to them. Intertwined and entangled with them.
To feel delighted or confused or suffocated or enlightened by them.

To know them at their core.
Sometimes just for a moment and others, for a lifetime.

To be able to see inside them.
And perhaps find yourself peering back.

To meet their demons - face to face.
And help their hearts heal
r maybe open up for the very first time.

To feel them – really feel them – in your blood.
Like they are part of you, part of your heartbeat, part of your essence.

There are so many nuances, so many possibilities and probabilities,
when one soul dances with another,
when you play your part in another's comedy, your role in their tragedy.

I am learning that there are people you will share moments with –
good or bad, painful or joyous, life-changing or trite.

Experiences will bond you, fuse you together into one.

And then you will come apart – or you won't.
I guess it will all depend on the experience or the connection
or the two souls dancing.

So I want to try and let go and be present.
In every moment. With every person.
Because, well, you never know...


MissJordyPants said...

Beautiful. The video. The writing. It's all beautiful.

WeezerMonkey said...

Lovely words, D!

repealdiscrimination said...

Such a lovely depiction of the force behind this project. You + me = WE.

x, b

lookrichbitch said...

eep! i can finally put a voice to your voice!

umm.. Mr. Crow is kinda hot. did i just notice? no. but i thought i'd just put it out there.

Diabolina 3.1 said...


I am, um, quite nasally.

{shy face}


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Fantastic video - well done to all of you.

Juana said...

Your voice is not nasally.

I love strong and positive messages. Great video!! Be proud, all of you in it!!


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