Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Scene
Feeling off. Need to get my roots done. And exercise.

Plus I haven't been sleeping well. Never sleep well when Mr. D is away. We make me sick ;)

Fart around town with my mom, watch a terrible movie and then get devastating news in the afternoon. One of our friends is getting separated. Awful. This couple has been together as long as I've known them. Never known one without the other.

I know they are making the right decision but it doesn't make watching them in pain any easier. Can life just stop with the curve balls already?

At least one great thing happened today: my mom found her wallet.

The Outfit
Forever 21 sweater and top
J Brand skinny jeans

The Accessories
BCBG Max Azaria boots
YSL bag
MaxMara Belt
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
PRADUH Butterfly sunnies

The Grade

The Scene

Have been wanting to try belting chunky knits for months and months now but it's been too warm. And I've been afraid. Afraid of looking too chunky monkey.

I mean all the girls who shut the look down

Are of the meanly lean variety.

I wouldn't EVER dare try to belt a coat.

I'd look more abominable snowman than adorable SJP.

Think in the end the look worked. Got lots of lingering head to toe stares today from sassy girlies. But did feel a bit chubbers. What else is new.

Question: Why do you think people repeatedly tell me I look like I've lost weight upon seeing me? And please note that since I never really lose noticeable weight I am usually the heaviest I have ever been when they make said comment. What is that about???

Well, instead of infer thinly veiled snark on anyone's part, a couple of years ago, I decided it means I exist in people's minds as "larger than life." Between my big hair and big cheeks and big personality, people think of me as, well, big. I live in their minds as physically much bigger than I actually am. So when they see me in person, I am smaller by comparison. Great explanation or even greater delusion? You be the judge/Freud.

A clear delusion I like to have is that these flat boots make me look very Patrician, very East Coast. Like I know how to ride horses and play tennis at the club and say dahhhhhling, without irony.

Very Serena.

One thing that I'm not delusional about is calling trends. Typically months in advance.

I became smitten with these Prada butterfly sunglasses on June 7. Jean Bean played match maker and we had our first date at Saks.

But I've been reluctant to plunk down $245 to make them mine. Glad I didn't. Found these spectacular replicas at a random cart in the Grove on Thursday. $14. WE WERE MEANT TO BE.


Mrs. Lexi said...

LOVE the sunglasses. I too hate spending cash money on them but my hubby and I splurged and each got a pair a couple weeks ago in San Francisco. He chose Prada I stuck with Chanel.

amy said...

your burberry coat also makes you look very east coast. but your great big smile gives your west coast nature away! must wear a scowl to be truly east coast.

WendyB said...

I am pretty sure I will never belt a coat. It doesn't look very comfortable!

Jean Bean said...

Yes, that, and maybe it's also because you set expectations with frequent blogging about how fat you are, BUT YOU'RE NOT.

ShoeZQ said...

Seriously girl you need to stop with the chunky monkey bit. Anyone who can rock the skinny jeans like you do need not worry about her weight.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

please please please, readers - esp. young readers - don't ever think i am calling myself fat or ever fishing for weight reassurance. I know I am not fat. My comments about my weight are always relative to where my weight has been in the past. Never to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

What a great fall outfit!! You look fabulous.

amber said...

i think the outfit totally works on you. tres chic.

i'm also still drooling over those boots. me wants!

Victoria said...

could you work as a trend forecaster?

Kelley said...

Those boots are hot!

MissJordyPants said...

You look fantastic! (even though you don't need me to tell you that)

I also dont' sleep so good with the mister is out of town. Am scared to death for the first time he leaves me alone in the new house. It makes all kinds of noises and is dark and I'm sure that someone will break in and try to murder me.

WeezerMonkey said...

I sleep much better when Mr. Monkey is away. I like to spread out on the bed in the shape of a gigantic starfish.

lookrichbitch said...

Belting anything is one of the fashion trends that I very reluctant to embrace. I love the look.. I'm just not comfortable enough with my thick waist to pull it off!

I'm with you... I'm not a gigantic beast, but relative to where my weight was a few years ago, blech! I don't even want to go there!

Looooove your new sunnies.

Sable Crow said...

A note from Sable Crow.

Regarding the weight issue. I think that people are making awkward comments for the following reason:

In the last couple of years, and over the last year specifically, you have almost fully come into your sartorial, linguistic, and feminine power. You are more "Diabolina" than you have ever been.

Your wardrobe, spirit, and energy has changed, so someone seeing you might very well be tempted to pick the most plausible change they can think of.

And as we've learned from the stock market, "plausible" doesn't always reflect reality.

So, people pick out something that's easy to comment on, like your weight, because they simply can't fathom what has REALLY changed. And because--in their minds--your physical presence has evolved in some indescribable way.

I don't think it's crappy comments or veiled insults. I think it's people genuinely trying to understand what it is about you that seems so different, so changed...

Anonymous said...

I heard "lean" is over-rated.


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