Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Scene
Putzed around the house all morning. Watched Gwynnie on Oprah. Winced at her Madonna "reorganizing her molecules" comment. But her thoughts on diet and exercise in one's thirties hit home. For my Sprinkles-loving stomach.

Inspired my ass to head to the gym. For the first time in a week. Felt great. Rewarded myself by getting my nails did. Needed a pedicure as much as I needed the work out. Maybe more.

Mr. Diabolina had to go into the office today. Poor baby. So we picked up a java jolt on the way to a late night birthday party.

Len is my high school homegirl who I reconnected with in May and who helped make my birthday so much fun in July. She is brilliant and hilarious and a NUT for karaoke. She's got major pipes after all. So tonight she hosted the Karaolympics (see her gold medal!) at Brass Monkey to honor her birth.

Now, karaoke like stand up comedy makes me uncomfortable. Painfully awkward, embarassed for people, unable to make eye contact uncomfortable. I could handle it on my birthday only because I secured a private room to fill with my nearest and dearest. And I did copious shots.

But tonight, we were surrounded by mostly strangers. Eeks! And while most of the people at Brass Monkey are borderline professionals, some people are bad. Very bad. Painful even. Here is Mr. D being serenaded by one of those people. Makes me wince just to think about it.

Pop Tart Lover was feeling my pain. But she's gotten unusually good at faking enjoyment. Len drags her around to these songfests alot. Here she demonstrates her faux excited face. Pretty.damn.good. Oscar worthy even.

No faking necessary for the birthday girl though. She was having a ball all night. YAY!

Plus she'd sing or dance back up for any one who needed a little bit of help up at the mike. What a sweetheart. And a ham ;)

Wonderful night celebrating one of my fave people from yesteryear.

Incredible how certain friendships can pick up like no time has passed. I guess that's when you know it's the real deal. No fake smiling necessary ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District bubble top
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Fashion District spike bracelet
Alice Roi clutch
YSl heels
Canal Street earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
It's shocking to most people that I don't enjoy karaoke. After all I have a pretty big personality. I love being the center of attention. I am a Leo after all.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I LOVE me an animal print. Specifically a leopard print. Preferably by Cavalli or Dolce and Gabanna.

Fell in lust with this top as soon as I saw it. Have a similar F21 one in blue so I knew the shape would be flattering on me. The chiffon and the bubble at the bottom are made for muffin top obscurement ;) Plus the embellishment at the neckline and subtle animal print looked waaaaaaaaay luxe for just $19.99.

Decided to mix silver and gold tonight to match the detailing at the neckline. These YSL heels manage to do that perfectly. Used to wear them to death at night in my mid twenties. Probably wore them the last time I went to Brass Monkey which must have been over six years ago.

Loved the stud/spikes complimenting each other in the bracelet and the clutch. I am all about the details! love love love.

Felt pretty JLo fab tonight.

A subtly glam jeans look.

However, I NEED to find a leopard jacket that is FULL BLOWN GLAM soon. Maybe that's what has been missing all along in the karaoke equation. Maybe if I wore it with shades and the collar flipped up I wouldn't care who was singing...

p.s. For all of my fellow Gwyneth fans, she just launched a "lifestyle" site, GOOP by Gwyneth Paltrow. It purports to be a collection of "what makes life good." Each of the sections (Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, See) currently link to an essay by Paltrow. The first e-newsletter is slated to launch Thursday.

Cute concept. Genuine tone. Brilliant brand expansion. I will be watching...


WeezerMonkey said...

I agree. That's the problem with public karaoke. Truly good singers only highlight how bad we are.

Morgan said...

LOVING that outfit! You are such a doll!

Leslie said...

Thanks for linking to that article. I recently started working out again, and I find that I'm one of those people who really likes eating stuff that isn't so great for me. It's nice to know that I could theoretically maintain a good figure and healthy body through exercise alone.

MissJordyPants said...

not so much a fan of the karaoke either... I feel too embarassed for other people.

WendyB said...

I can't remember if I told you, but I've met Gwyneth several times and she's very charming.

Re karaoke, I have the worst voice ever and avoid it like the plague.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

eeeeks WendyB!

please tell ms. gwynnie the next time you see her that i am her biggest fan. that i still harbor fantasies of growing up and morphing into a white woman just like her ;)

and that i'd write really good poop for her goop site,

danke ;)

tam pham said...

you do animal print better than j.lo, mami!

Milly said...

Me like your spike bracelet...hawt!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Just wanted to say I came across your blog and love the way you write and your fashion sense - I love to mix high and low too! And I heart "Gwynnie" (and Sprinkles waaaay too much).

amber said...

oh, cute evening outfit! <3

i didn't realize you were a fellow leo - fabulous!


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