Monday, August 4, 2008

The Scene
I felt better today. Not great but less overwhelmed. Tried to just take one thing at a time. Not get ahead of myself. A little perspective can go a long way.

In the evening dropped by to check in on my mom. She was feeling fine after having intermittent pain yesterday. Found her in bed, reading these two pretty disparate publications. HA!

Don't think I've mentioned but she's going through the process of becoming a citizen. After nearly 32 years in the US. She is currently what they call a permanent resident alien.

All this time, she's resisted giving up her Guatemalan citizenship. My grandmother on the other hand became a citizen about 15 years ago. Couldn't pledge allegiance fast enough.

But my mom I think harbored dreams of going back at some point. All that ended though last year. A death in the family helped her really come to terms with how bad the situation has gotten in her homeland - the poverty, rampant corruption, worsening violence. I watched her gut-wrenching decision to sell the beautiful home she'd grown up in.

And that was it. Her way of cutting off the possibility of returning. Then a few months later she told me she had applied to become a citizen.

She has been going to "citizenship school" on Saturday mornings. Has become quite the teacher's pet. Ugh, the stories I could tell you about her busy body student ways :)

So today she asked me to quiz her. On what are essentially 100 American history questions she has to know to become a citizen. She knew all the answers perfectly - the 13 colonies, the branches of government, the presidents, the exact address of the White House. Very impressive. Some of that stuff was a little fuzzy even for me.

Her appointment is this Saturday. Think good thoughts. We've already picked out her outfit and a spare ;)

The Outfit
Proenza Schouler for Target top
Madewell jeans

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and purse
Manolo Blahnik heels

The Grade

The Commentary
Got this email from shopbop this morning. Was inspired by all the black and white. They are my signature colors after all.

Dig the idea of mixing mensweary pieces with feminine, flouncy ones. Like the balance it creates in the overall effect. Very sexy.

And am really starting to love the idea of all things lace and chain mail. Both are gonna be big for fall. Oof those Lamb shoes all the way to the right! So hot. My mom pointed them out in a magazine yesterday. What a little eye she has.

Donned the Go International top and jeans this morning. Not a big fan of button downs on my chunky trunky body but I bought this one because of the adorable piping. Very cartoony cuteness. Makes me feel like Lois Lane :)

Think the effect was easy. Simple but classic. Mostly blah. Would have been less blah with some pops of red. Maybe the red stiletto sandals and a bright purse next time...


amber said...

glad you're feeling better. :)

Juana said...

I literally couldn't think of the vice president's name the other day. I bow down to your mom.

Lynn Tran said...

So cute that your mama is going to Citizenship School. Good luck to her on Saturday - sounds like she's going to rock it. I remember translating for my Mom when she had her Citizenship interview and having to ask her if she'd bear arms on behalf of the country (and then trying to explain to her that they would never really ask her to do so). I loved going to the swearing in ceremony.

Glad to hear you and mama are feeling better these days.

lookrichbitch said...

LOL. I used to tutor people getting ready for the their citizenship interview. I had to try to explain to this Russian woman what a prostitute was! (They ask if you were ever a Nazi or a prostitute... as if they're the same!)

I don't think she understood because she kept chanting "sex for money! sex for money" while we were in the library. Hahaha!

Good luck to your mom! USA! USA! U-S-A!

weezermonkey said...

I'm so excited about your mom's impending citizenship!

tam pham said...

i second what weemo said! ps. i LOVE you and your mommy. :-)

Rachee said...

Good luck to to momma diabolina!

Ly said...

wishing the best for your mommy. I can understand and respect her decision to give up her former citinzenship. However, I have had many a Guatemalan friend bring back the most AMAZING pictures from that country - so much so that I have it on my must-see list for some time now. However, I know going there on vacation is a whole other world from actually living there. But than again I have done that too - lived in a developing country, that is (namely the DR on a mission for few years)in the past - and loved it!! Call me crazy:)

Da Fashionista said...

guatemala is definitely one of the most stunningly scenic, culturally rich countries on the planet. that being said the longest civil war in the western hemisphere has left it a shadow of its former self. i recently heard npr called it a "failed state." heartbreaking. especially because our entire family still lives there. we do what we can to help but cousins with advanced degrees struggle to just to get by. not to mention stay safe.

once you see that reality go from bad to worse over three decades AND get a taste for the prosperity that's possible in the us, it's hard to choose to go back. we know people who have. but it's definitely not common.

Juana said...

Did you ever find your a&&-kicking Guate boots from HS? I saw a pic of you in them recently and eruptedd into hyena laughter. I loved those things!!

Jadelily said...

Good luck to your mommy!

dapotato said...

yay america! good luck to your mommy. too cute.

Gloria said...

very nice mixture of high and low pieces!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

good luck to your mommy! and glad you are feeling better..and you have got me wanting a chain necklace!!

Victoria said...

my irish mom became a citizen three years ago after being here for 30+ years! it was very exciting and she actually really wants jury duty. thinking of you and your mama. xo

Cee said...

Have you been back? Seen the house your momma grew up in before she had to sell it?

My parents still have homes in China and one day I hope to go see it before my parents breathe their last breadth on this earth.

A BIT COQUETTISH said...! i loveeee your blog! i love how you end each post with your day's outfit! lookin' fabulousss =]

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