Friday, July 25, 2008

The Scene
The promise of an evening with three hot menzzz gets me through the day.

Tonight the birthday celebrations commence with Mr. Diabolina and Sable Crow at The Roosevelt followed by a screening of THE Batman.

But first Sable Crow and I decide to hit the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale. Hadn't been to one in easily five years. I spy with my little eye some decent Chloe and Fendi bags from last year but decide to save my pennies.

So instead we pop over to Sable Crow's house where he models his latest high ticket Armani purchase.

Behold the scrumptious vest he blogged about a few weeks ago.

It is truly one of the most beautiful pieces of men's clothing I've seen in years. Can be worn a variety of ways. Dressed up or dressed down. Fits him to a T. Absolute hotness.

In a fit of stock market despair, he also bought this jacket. Ugh! How amazing is it???

Tailored, zippery, versatile perfection.

Speaking of perfection, I've fiended for Christian Bale since American Psycho. Don't care that he's a bit wooden on screen. I'd eat him up with a spoon. Mr. D knows he's on my laminated freebie card if I ever met him.

Thought The Dark Knight was a good ride - if a bit long. Loved how dark it was, the duality of the characters and the subtle references to the fear mongering Bush regime. And Heath Ledger was disturbingly amazing.

Fun beginning to what promises to be a lovely birthday weekend.

p.s. We saw Matthew Perry - Mr. Chanandler Bong himself - tonight. Seems like the billionth time we've run into him. He without fail checks me out while I'm checking him out.

I remember my mom, Mr. D and I went out for Chinese the night of 9/11. Remember how dazed everyone was? Well Matthew Perry was sitting next to us that night at the restaurant looking just as confuzzled.

Chaos can be such an equalizer. Interesting that that was the whole point of the movie tonight...

The Outfit
Beige wrap sweater
Banana Republic tank top
Rich and Skinny jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Joseph Campbell heels
Stella McCartney bag
Me&Ro earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Today was my first F of the year. I just couldn't be bothered to try to be creative this morning. Boo. I suck.

My outfit was really unfortunate in light of the fact that we were going out in Hollywood for dinner. Sable Crow dressed the hipster part, he gets an A+ for donning his sassy hat and glasses. For displaying the chest fur and throwing his new sweater jauntily over his shoulders. Guess where he got it??? Forever 21!!! Guess who he learned it from? MOI!!!

He witnessed a girl at the Billion Dollar Babe sale compliment the wrap sweater. But it was a back handed compliment. Said her MOM can't get enough of them. F. Can't she see I'm about to turn a year older and sensitive enough about my age. Ugh.

Sable Crow did dig on my shoes and my jeans. In fact he snapped a pic of my tush cuz he liked the fit of the new jeans so much. But I can't post it. Not fit for public consumption. More fat than phat.


weezermonkey said...

Sable Crow's threads are fantastic!

I don't think this outfit is a "fail." But, then again, I kinda fail nearly every day in fashion, so I blog about food. ;)

WendyB said...

I think your outfit is cute and casual. The necklace is a nice touch.

lookrichbitch said...

I need to move to LA!

No wait. I take that back. Would be far too much stress to have dress creatively every day! Need to stick to a city where wearing a fleece vest and sandals with socks is perfect for a night at the opera!

Hehe love to be the one to stand out!

tam pham said...

stop being so hard on yourself. you look great. so does sable crow.

amber said...

agree with the others -- that is not an F, just a casual outfit for boppin' around after work.

btw, i would kill to see matthew perry in the flesh. ever since friends, he has been one of my favorite actors. so adorable in so many ways. hell, i'm even thinking of getting showtime when his new tv show airs just so i can see it. pathetic, no?

Lisa said...

First off, I LOVE your blog. It is a detriment to my shopping self control, however. And, you might be being a little bit hard on yourself with the F grade.

Sable Crow said...

I KNEW that vest would earn me a post! Score! Diabolina successfully raises the fashion bar. And by the way, those jeans and shoes were DELICIOUS and made me question my long-standing homosexuality. You did NOT fail that day. I give you an A- based solely on the jeans (so soft and the wash was perfect!) and the shoes.

I LOVE that this post was about my four favorite things:
1. Diabolina
2. Christian Bale with, or without, clothing
3. Emporio Armani goodies
4. ME!

Big crow kisses and lots of preening with my black feathers. What a lovely start to a day!


Kate said...

You're funny. I'd have called him Chanandler Bong too.

Also, totally feeling the Christian Bale thing, I've been having inappropriate thoughts about him since I was 15 and saw Newsies.

Tiffany said...

loving Sable Crow's purchases. That vest is AWESOME. As is the jacket. Sigh. I love men's fashion as much as women's fashion. not enough men fashion bloggers out there (well, there are just not my taste)


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