Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina and I spent the morning finalizing our costumes for my upcoming birthday karaoke party! Getting excited - not so much for the birthday (read: being older) but for all my friends in ridiculous outfits.

We hit the fashion district bright and early. Not only is downtown a mecca for fashionable finds on a dime, it's also a great one-stop shop for inexpensive wigs, hats and clothing for costume parties. Picked up several goodies that will spell perfection for my super sweet Madonna and Michael Jackson masquerade ;)

In the afternoon, we head to a church carnival that's a summer tradition for Mr. D's family.

About 30 family members got together for dinner and reindeer games in celebration of Mr. Diabolina's dad's birthday. He's adorable and my favorite lawyer! Yes, he trumps Mr. D. Humph!

At the carnival, Mr. D's little cousins couldn't get enough of us - dragged us around from game to game and ride to ride. It's like they sensed we're just kids pretending to be adults.

Bumper cars and ping pong tossing and ferris wheels. It's all like crack to kids. I remember the days when a church fair was THE event of my season. Much planning would go into my super sweet ensembles ;)

Had a wonderful time chatting with Mr. D's brother and his cousins about careers and parenting and, well, life. They have started reading the blog (EEEKS!) and it's opening the door for a whole new dynamic between us. What an unexpected gift!

Oh and nibbling on this gorgeous baby when her parents aren't vigilant is always a pleasure. MUAHAHAHHAH!

Wonderful last weekend of being 30.

31, here I come...

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Image beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Goody headband
Louis Vuitton earrings
Banks&Biddle bangle
Alice Roi clutch
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Bought this $25 dress last summer at Forever 21 and promptly regretted it. Worried the print was too loud, the material too sheeny, the overall effect too clowny. Ugh. Realized it might actually look like - horror! - a $25 dress. So I tucked it away in my closet and chalked it up to the shopping frenzy. F to me.

But over the past few months, it's been winking at me. Calling to me. It's been whispering, "Take a chance on me." Apparently the dress is an ABBA fan.

So today I finally decided to give it a whirl. Why not? After all, isn't a carnival/birthday party the perfect setting for a clown?

I initially was drawn to the dress because it reminded me of Pucci. I heart Pucci. I thought the swirl of colors, retro pattern and clean lines were so similar to what the legendary Italian house does best.

Must confess that I've wanted a Pucci scarf for as long as I can remember. They aren't that expensive but I always manage to overthink it. Want to get just the right signature print. Almost bought one in Europe and Japan. Love picking up pieces when I travel. They serve as such great reminders of amazing trips. But ultimately I buckled under the pressure of picking THE RIGHT ONE.

The color palette of my dress is also very signature Pucci.

The house does the pink/orange combination like few others. It just drips freshness and chic and femininity and warm summer breezes.

Today I felt like an Italian lady on holiday. In the 1950s. I embraced the loudness of the pattern. I didn't let it wear me.

Today I stood out in a sea of jeans but that felt good. It felt right. And as a little girl wearing a pink bow in her hair stared at me, I realized the dress would have been perfect for the Pink Plastic party on Thursday! Doh!

Of course! The dress is so very Malibu Barbie. Now I know...

Think this beautiful headband ($6 at Target) really contributed to the whole retro and relaxed vibe. And it managed to contain the curliness. MUST DO SOMETHING WITH THIS FRO SOON.

On a few occasions did feel that the dress was a bit low cut for the family scene. Maybe THAT'S why babies were all about me today :)

So I threw on the wrap sweater at one point. And voila - dowdy central. They are like magic. Can be draped elegance or cocooned coziness. Take your pick.

Speaking of cozy, ugh, I want to learn how to ski just to wear this dreamy Pucci puffer.

And isn't this the ULTIMATE maxi??? I imagine it's what our souls look like - gorgeous and vibrant and fluttery!

Resolve to finally buy myself a Pucci scarf this year. One's gotta start somewhere...


dapotato said...


Artsy Fartsy said...

I LOVE that you wore a dress to the church carnival. See, that is why we all need to do blog forever. Remind us, that, no, jeans are not always the answer. A lovely silky orange and pink dress is!

Also, you might have to start selling those image wraps online. There are so many times now when I get dressed that I think "a Diabolina image wrap would be perfect with this (fill in the blank)." Why don't they have these in Memphis? Sniff.

WendyB said...

You look beautiful in that dress. Oh, how I wish I were turning 31 rather than 41. Enjoy your 30s!

amber said...

that dress is very pucci. love it. i totally snorted at "Apparently the dress is an ABBA fan."

maybe a scarf as a birthday present to yourself? indeed, you gotta start somewhere and start soon! you deserve it.


that forever21 dress is sososo cute! I want it...mmm and it goes perfectly with those great sandals and fabulous clutch. GRADE: A!! ^_^

PS: thank you, thank you, thank you~ for those ever so sweet comments you left upon my blog! ♥

weezermonkey said...

That dress is delicious!

Tried on a Pucci dress at South Coast whilst shopping with Grandma. I looked like a festive circus tent. Fail.

tam pham said...

pucci scarves are on sale at nordies. get yourself one NOW.

Kate said...

Am laughing hysterically at the image you trying to learn to ski in that Pucci. I'd pay money to see that. I don't know how to ski either, we could learn together.

So when is this party? Mabye Mr. T and I will have to dress up and film ourselves parallel partying in our living room. We can totally synchronize the time. I could be Joan Jett.


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