Friday, June 6, 2008

The Scene
Wake up early, anxious for the weekend to start already.

My lovely mom picks me up at work and we have a nice beachside dinner before she takes me to LAX for my red-eye.

She is sporting nautical chic and her new gilded Marcs. CAN THIS LITTLE TERROR BE ANY MORE ADORABLE????

Her tootsies are the same version of the red patent round toes I got her for Mommy’s Day. The older she gets the more she shops in multiples. I guess I am starting to as well. The perils of having more and more disposable income combined with increasingly specific criteria.

As we part, she requests a red faux Goyard tote like the black one she is wearing today. Got it for her in October when I was last in NYC. She gets so many compliments on them since not too many Angelenas know how to spot a Goyard fake. Suckers ;)

Pop half an Ambien on the plane (thanks Sable Crow!) and it’s lights out for me. Next stop – New York City. YAYAYAY!

The Outfit
Forever 21 jersey dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Forever 21 bangles
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Stuart Weitzman gladiators

The Grade

The Commentary
Jersey, jersey, jersey. That's the name of the game when I fly. C&C - comfortable and chic. Tonight's flight was a bit of a conundrum though since I am typically cold on overnight flights but wanted to dress for the NYC heatwave. Solution? Brought a pair of leggings in my purse to slip on during the flight.

Decided the gold gladiators would be my footwear of choice in NYC since a) it's gonna be sweltering b) we plan on hitting the Met, Fifth Avenue shops, Canal Street and Chelsea bars and who knows what else c) Jean Bean will appreciate a sweet looking flat and d) they are a chic option for evening.

Chose the Marc Jacobs bag because it's luxe looking and matches the gold of the shoes. Plus it's enourmous and sturdy. Can fit my laptop, magazines and makeup bag. The makeup bag is key on a redeye. I always like to freshen up once we land since inevitably my makeup has melted off after 5 hours. Am a little worried about the brown working with the black outfits I have planned for the conference but it will spell perfection paired with the weekend fun looks.

Oh and a funny thing happened on the way to LAX. My resale saleslady called me up to tell me they had some great new shoes in 9s. Since the store is five minutes from the new job, my mom and I screeched over there for a little looksee.

No luck on the shoes for me but my mom did see some nice Taryn Rose size 6s (btw, Taryn is a USC medical school grad! Go fashionista Trojans!!) The dress selection though was a gold mine for me. DVFs, Philip Lim, Rachel Pally, Development. All between $50 and $150 dollars.

I bought one for my trip. Can you guess which one???

Hint: It was the most expensive one. Wah for having a golden eye ;)


Kelli said...

I am heading to NYC this Thursday as well. How long will you be there? You have to post your outfits this week, I need some NYC chic inspiration. Have fun, let me know if you find any good fakes, where you found them:)

tam pham said...

i'm guessing the yellow and green one, but they're all lovely!

weezermonkey said...

I cannot guess. Inevitably, the one I choose will make you go, "WTF? Why would you think I would wear that?" And then you'd have to disown me.

So I will just say, "Bon voyage!"

amber said...

hope you had a great trip that that you didn't melt this weekend!

WendyB said...

You know, Taryn sold her company and got the boot(ha) as so often happens in that sitch. So who's coming to visit me in NYC? Eh?

Kate said...

I'm guessing the red one cause it looks like the price tag might say $150, which would be the most expensive. Just going on straight sleuthing skills on this one.


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