Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Scene
Mommy Sunday. Have a nice Venezuelan brunch with her and her new YSL leopard tote. Drool!!!

She looks adorable today, no? I mean exceptionally tiny and doll-like.

In the afternoon, we head out to see M&M and her husband. Stop by Target and go crazy getting them little trinkets to make the next 3-8 weeks at the hospital bearable. Snacks, magazines, beauty products. Anything I can think of to lift their spirits...

But when we get to the hospital, I realize there's really no need. They are already in great spirits. Even as they recount the horrific details of the crash and delineate the long recovery process ahead, they are so positive and grateful. My mom and I leave feeling truly inspired and awed by their resilience.

Don't get me wrong. During the two hour visit, we cry and discuss the possibility of permanent paralysis.

But we choose to focus on the miracle of their survival. We acknowledge every moment we share now is a gift. No point in focusing on anything other than that.

For dinner, we head over to Chowmein's house and St. Jude comes over with her baby girl. Mr. Chicken Nugget and the girls play with my mom while the three of us discuss M&M.

It's the first time the three of us are together since the crash. It's still so surreal. Never thought we'd be having these conversations. Never EVER.

But as I looked at their little angels, falling asleep and running around, I am reminded that I also never knew we'd have randomly beautiful nights quite like these.

Nights filled with babies squealing and girlfriends supporting each other. This is life. It is rich and textured and challenging and luminous. We are lucky to have one another. That's the lesson that comes shining through in all of this for me.

Emotionally draining yet uplifting day.

The Outfit
Forever 21 leggings
Forever 21 tunic
Vintage Parisian trench coat

The Accessories
YSL tote
BCBG flat boots
Forever 21 purple leaf bracelet
Faux diamond studs

The Grade

The Commentary

Was super anxious about seeing M&M today. Wasn't sure how I'd react to seeing her and how she'd react to me reacting. Ugh. Just didn't want to upset her in any way. Wanted to do and say the right things.

Consequently I didn't put much thought into what I wore. Loved yesterday's comfy legging and boots look so decided to repeat it. Just added last night's dress and tucked it into the leggings. Pretty bold of me since it showed quite a bit of thigh and tush. Did wear a trench coat most of the day but still...

When I took the coat off in her room, M&M remarked on the dress and said my hair was looking cute. So kind of her to comment with everything on her mind. But she's always been so generous with compliments. She's a good friend like that...

She was the one who looked amazing. Fresh as a daisy in a pretty little blue tank top and sweats. Today she was proof positive that a good attitude is more important than any designer outfit, that a woman's beauty is not strictly defined by her physical appearance, and that the human spirit is one of the most stunningly radiant things on the planet.


weezermonkey said...

Big hugs for you, M&M, and her family!

And the word verification for this comment is "dudoir," which I am thinking is like boudoir for men.

MissJordyPants said...

SOOOO thrilled to hear that M&M is doing well! Sounds like she has an amazing attitude and will come out of this with flying colors!

dapotato said...

glad to hear M&M and family are in good spirits. what a positive, wonderful thing despite the difficulties.

Kate said...

In joy or sorrow, being alive feels good doesn't it?

Also, your mom's outfit is crazy adorable. I hope I never see her carrying that bag cause I might grab it and run away.

amber said...

i'm glad that you were finally able to see M&M for yourself and see that she is doing as well as can be expected. i can totally see the dual emotions of being terribly sad and also uplifted. will continue to keep her in my thoughts.

that pic of your mom holding up the head of the little boy as he was sleeping is too precious for words. :)

tam pham said...

mommy is so freaking adorable! glad to hear you and her were able to spend some time with M&M. it's great that she's in good spirits. i'm still keeping her in my prayers.

Lynn Tran said...

So glad to hear that M&M are doing well. I have no doubt that her kind heart, strong will and blessed heart will carry her and her family through this rough patch. Email me her hospital info; would like to send her some flowers.

R said...

You hit the nail right on the head about life. Glad you are all focusing on the moments you have together.

Jean Bean said...

SO relieved to hear she's home safe and feeling positive. With so many people who love her, she's going to be more than OK no matter what her future holds.


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