Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Feature: Diabolina Don't

Have been thinking about it for a while. Discussed it with Juana and Kate of All Trades. And finally decided it's time. Time to share some of my less than stellar fashion moments.

They are proof positive that no fashionista is perfect and that we can all recover from risks gone wrong. And hopefully they'll make you laugh because fashion shouldn't be so serious ;)

Diabolina Don't:
Mixing too many inspirations into one tragic outfit.

Inspiration is crucial in fashion and in any creative endeavor. But too much of anything can be a bad thing.

Here I was at age 8 channeling Debbie Gibson (see the Vendetta-like hat) AND Madonna (see the fingerless lace gloves.) Plus the coke bottles. What.A.Nerd!

The little flowery prim dress (very Marc, no?) would have been fine if I didn't over-accessorize it. If I just embraced me more than what was trendy. F.

BTW, my mom bares none of the responsibility for this outfit since at age 5 I stopped letting her dress me. However, I bear zero responsibility for her 80s mom look because I didn't start dressing her until I was 18 :)


Juana said...

feel free to use any and all pictures of me as the "don't"s. i love laughing at myself. for instance, that picture in front of islands...the only place for an outfit like that is the soccer field. tragic! you've always been a fashion-rock star. from madonna gloves to the guatemalan boots, to the current you. i love it all! embrace it as i embrace my veins! and, you don't need it, but good luck tomorrow at the new gig!

Michelle said...

OMG! I love it. It's so innocent and...well, yeah, I have pics like this too. I LOVED Debbie Gibson and my Grandma made me a plaid outfit - just like the ones she wore for her concerts (I saw her in concert, twice). And I completed it with a hat.

And I had finger-less gloves too! Who didn't?

Kate said...

Love that you even went there with the gloves and hat. What a little lady!

tam pham said...

you look FIERCE! oh my god...tell mom she hasn't aged at all. she and you were both such little cuties even back in the day!

when do you start the new exciting job??? i'm kinda dreading when you do because that means i probably can't expect multiple diabolina posts in one day since you'll be back at the grind. that makes ma sad panda.

weezermonkey said...

You were eight! There are no don'ts at age eight!

JillFantastic said...

I was a slave to Debbie Gibson fashion don'ts. So many many vests. I wore Electric Youth perfume for way too long.

amber said...

i had a whole collection of hats that i'd get at a discount from the cheapy accessory stores. but i was often too shy to wear them outside the house. props to you for sporting it on the town!

Sable Crow said...

My mom was still making my elasticized shorts out of loud tropical/african prints at that age. Let he who is without guilt...

Is it any wonder I ended up with a closet full of Giorgio Armani? Penance, folks, penance.

Love this new section, and your nerdiness. Love you for judging your 8 year old self.

Good luck today!!

Lynn Tran said...

If you ever need Fashion Don'ts I'll be happy to share some of my pics; and I can't even blame my choices on being 8!

Jean Bean said...

You're being much too hard on yourself. There's nothing wrong with being a child of the 80s IN the 80s.


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