Friday, January 4, 2008

The Scene
TGIF!!! Managed my first post-work work out. Very successful. I definitely feel more energized lately...could just be the crack tho ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 black sleevess tunic with big pockets and pleating at chest

Vintage cerulean trench coat
Black footless tights

The Accents
Chloe black/wooden stack-heel-mary janes
Chanel art deco black and white earrings
Canal Street necklace
Chanel black tote
Gucci black sunglasses

The Grade


The Commentary

These shoes really trip people out. MUST remember that. They are SOOO high fashion to the lay person.

A phd in our research department Dr. S said WELL LOOK AT YOU. He made a big production about inspecting my shoes and called them a "fascinating shoe hybrid of mary janes and platforms." My boss G, his friend, said there is absolutely no way Dr. S is straight. Hilarious.

At lunch, the lady at the corner pizza place asks if my Chanel bag is real (good thing she didn't ask about the necklace!) and if she can touch it. She saw one like mine at Saks. She is thinking of purchasing one. I tell her we work hard, we deserve nice things. And I almost believe myself.

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