Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Scene
Me loves a birthday party so obviously I imbibed copious amounts of booze last night at Lauragami's. Ugh. Am no spring chicken anymore and feel/look a MESS today. Juggling tons of projects at work and not feeling like I am firing on all cylinders. Cursing that demon alcohol...

The Outfit
Blue Cult Jeans
Mark and Spencer black sweater
Banana Republic orange courdoroy/suede-like blazer

The Accents
Gold chandelier earrings
Faux Burberry scarf
Chanel black tote
Gucci black glasses (KEY TODAY!)
Loeffler Randall for Target gold flats

The Grade

The Commentary
This is a great "go-to" outfit during cold weather. I discovered it about 5 years ago. It is basic, comfortable, pulled together with a dash of sass thanks to the poppy color of the jacket.

Everyone needs "go-to" outfits. They can really be a god-send for days like today when your brain isn't functioning or you just don't want to think about what you have on. Think this might be a good moment to share some of my other fashion philosophies ;)

Clearly I adore fashion. Always have. I think it comes naturally but I also look at it as a hobby. A serious hobby. I keep up with the industry, with trends, with new emerging designers. I have read fashion magazines religiously since I was 11. I cut out looks that I love. I shop for sport.

I see fashion as self expression. I think a beautifully made piece can be considered art. I am fascinated by brands and how fashion is marketed and how it is consumed. Am ever amazed at how it can mean such different things to different people.

I don't think fashion has to be expensive or exclusive to be fabulous. In fact, no one likes a bargain more than me. That being said I respect the craftsmanship, theatre, quality of luxury brands. And what can I say - interlocking c's just make me happy. I think I embody the very British approach of mixing high end pieces with cheaper finds, unapologetically and to great effect.

Oh and I am a BIG believer in shopping resale. I have about 3 stores where I score amazing, gently or never used shoes, jeans, jackets - you name it - for at least 60 percent off retail. There are ALOT of cash flush women in this city who buy expensive things and hardly wear them, if ever. They then consign them and I snap them up. There is something really special about finding pieces in your size that you love because it's a challenge. It's not like going to Neiman's and being able to get a Manolo in any size. With resale, when you find a shoe you adore and it fits, it's like it was meant to be.

At this point in my life, I am choosing to invest my hard earned money in accessories (bags, sunglasses, and jewelry) and foundation (undergarments and shoes.) The designer clothes that I buy really have to turn my head or be classic because I just get bored with clothes too easily - hence all the Forever 21 clothes of late

In the end, I think for me it's all about bringing more beauty and creativity into a world that can be a pretty harsh and depressing and uninspired place.


MissMissy said...

What a fresh idea for a blog - I love it! I too found you through Sharon. So happy I did.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I agree with your thoughts on fashion completely. I totally think that things you wear can be cheap, but they shouldn't look cheap :) I'm trying to break in my Loeffler Randall flats as we speak!!

Anonymous said...

Hey D! I found your blog today through this other blog (weezermonkey) I found through my old coworker (nannersp). What a small world! I love the blog BTW. Tre chic. Wish I had known you guys were at the RB on NYD - it was a mad house but oh so fun. XOXO

Da Fashionista said...

kisses to you missmissy and mrs. shorty cake (btw, are you loving them? my feet are, ahem, perspiring quite a bit :( I bought them to give my Tory Burch gold flats a break but not so sure right now...)

LYNN???? What a small world! happy new year, dear!

10yearstogether said...

**Squealing** I love your blog! I *saw* you on the Monkey's blog. I used to be an accessory whore too but have since gone, well, cheap and boring instead. Your blog makes me want to revert....Keep blogging, I will definitely be visiting!

Kate said...

I would totally wear this outfit. Isn't that the ultimate compliment when it comes to fashion? Actually, it's probably more like you look really thin and expensive. But that's true too.

R said...

How fun. I am fashion-tarded and your outlook fascinates me. :) I'll be reading so I can learn.

Da Fashionista said...


Squealing at YOU: BRING THE SASS BACK!!! Thanks for the love!


Fashion-tarded made me laugh out loud. I take my responsibility to the sartorially challenged seriously and will not let you down.


weezermonkey said...

Looooove the Warhol-inspired print in the background.

And I'm lovin' all the lovin' you're gettin'. ;)

Da Fashionista said...


I got the warhol ;) done at this place called photowow in brentwood - they have an online site too.

super cool and reasonable prices. everyone who comes over remarks on it. get one of you and mr. monkey!
soooo fun!


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