Monday, September 29, 2014

Baby Brand I Love: Mini Boden

It's a love affair that started in San Francisco...with duckies.

When I was in my third trimester, my mom joined me on my last work trip up north to Twitter's corporate headquarters. While I worked, she spent all her time shopping for her unborn grandbabydoll, naturally.

She bought, um, quite alot on that trip but her very first score (and Mr. Diabolina's fave): an adorbs Mini Boden dress at Nordstrom.

It's softer than soft and kiddie cute without being clowny. That's big for us. If we wouldn't wear it, we don't want mini me to.

We added the UK brand to our growing list of baby brands we heart (Mayoral, Kickee Pants, Oeuf, Freshly Picked - all of which I'll blog about...) And when I got home, I signed up for the Mini Boden catalogue. Big mistake - HUGE as Vivian the streetwalker on Rodeo would say. Five pairs of INSANE cute tights and onesies later I was hooked.

Great quality and true to size.  Nabbed them all on sale. Love that the site almost always has SOME promotion going on. I'm rarely buying the baby anything spendy full price.  No point since she's going to immediately outgrow it or poop on it.

Looking at the site now I think I liked their Spring/Summer stuff better than Fall/Winter.  Though these two are yum.

But I'm a sucker for their fruit motifs year-round.

I mean a little apple in apples is delish!!!

More recently, had to get her a fall vest (plus little Halloween SCALLOPED socks at Janie and Jack, another fave). Again super soft and well priced.

And my mom recently couldn't resist this casual, easy breezy beauty. Again at Nordie's.

This week, I saw the Boden women's catalogue at my mom's house for the first time and I realized SHIT, I like their stuff for me too. It's all fairly British and basic, Kate Middleton style. But there are some standout tops and knits in prints that feel like my Tucker favorites and even a little DVF meets Tory Burch. Full price it's a bit steep but again there's a special 20% off going on so...

Maybe I'll get something when mini Diabolina isn't watching.  Her side eye is terrifying.


Alela Sirah said...

All of those outfits are really cute! It is had not to go crazy with baby clothes!

Unknown said...

Boden is pretty awesome. I have a little boy so they don't get much of my money. Another great brand I love is Tea Collection. They make great clothes for both boys and girls.

Cordially Invited said...

that side eye..... HA!!!!

Unknown said...

Ugh I love the mixed patterns for Maxi Me.

lookrichbitch said...

Still Asian.


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