Monday, November 21, 2011

My Missoni Date at Neiman Marcus

The Scene

Jean Bean gave me this little pup a few years ago. He's a Missoni---an adorbs talisman she got in a gift bag during one of her trips to Milan Fashion Week. His perch in my messy closet changes but I always know where he is, watching me, reminding me that my best college girl friend is fabulous...and hearts me.


Last month, Jean Bean cemented her fabulosity and her undying love for me (or is it my undying love for her) by offering me a plum assignment: interviewing Vittorio and Octavio Jr. Missoni for NM Daily. OMG!


I love how she asks me, "Are you free?" Um, for the Missoni Neiman Marcus...I'll make the time.  

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 160_315

Vittorio, son of the Missoni founders, and his deliciously tall, soft-spoken son were in town to celebrate the family's Walk of Style honor, down the street from NM on Rodeo Drive. Fittingly, it was the first time a family had received the honor.


Before the ceremony, the two men, who both work for the family business in marketing and production, held an intimate fashion show for a few lucky Neiman's customers in the Beverly Hills store.
Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 094_249

While we drooled over the amazing clothes, they shared amazing stories about the beginning of the family business, how the zigzag was born and how Italian women are very similar to Californian ones.


They even whisked out the most recent flamenco-inspired runway looks, revealing that Neiman's would have pieces available months before everyone else. Let me tell you, this makes rich ladies very excited.

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 152_307

What also struck me about the whole experience was how lovely and genuine, Vittorio and Octavio were---to me, to the sales associates, to the photographer, to the customers, to the waiters.  I've never meet fashion people that were more unassuming and gracious. Made me love their brand even more than I already do.

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 128_283

And that's pretty hard to do since I already love all this glorious Italian yarn. The colors! The zigzags! My kingdom for a closet full of colorful zigzag yarn!


Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 037_192

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 053_208

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 059_214

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 054_209

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 068_223

Here are some of my picks for best dressed fellow Missoni lovers at the event.
Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 083_238

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 072_227

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 073_228

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 150_305

LIVE FOR HER DRESS---my fave at the event!

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 139_294
Also looooved a momma who indoctrinates her daughter early about the finer things club.

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 144_299

Beautiful, beautiful experience---am forever grateful to Beans for the opportunity!


The Outfit
3.1 Phillip Lim dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs coat

The Accessories
Prada sunglasses
Chanel bag
Missoni scarf
Alexander McQueen heels
Cheapie jewelry

The Grade

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 145_300

The Commentary
Woe is me I don't own a single Missoni piece...other than my puppy and this scarf. So I built my outfit around the latter.


Used the palette of resort 2011, then plucked out the busiest pattern in my closet to build the black and white ensemb.

Verdict? Too ho hum. I should have gone for color. Missoni is all about color. F to me for being safe not fab.





The saving grace of the lewk: my iPhone cover. It's Missoni for Tar-jay, but Vittorio and Octavio both lit up when I flashed it. As I used my phone to start recording our interview, they looked at it closely, smiling at each other.  Later, Vittorio shared:

"The collaboration with Target was an incredible experience. We had the opportunity to make a real total look---from your phone cover to the iPad cover to the little dress to the little coffee cup to the children's wear. All giving the Missoni an easy way but keeping the design and the quality always very special. And not being cheap. It was not cheap." 

I asked if the hunger for the products by Americans surprised the family. Without hesitating, Vittorio said, "Si, si. Yes. The passion...and seeing how many fans, it was incredible for the family."

 (Credit: Patrick McMullen)

Later, as Vittorio and Octavio walked me through the resort collection, they mentioned how popular their beach and lounge wear has become. I told them that my best friend Jean and I dream of living in their caftans when we're 60+...and need to cover it all up a bit. They laughed and Vittorio even said, "Thank you." I mean who are these people???

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 069_224

A lovely, lovely family who has created a brand that the world loves because their love of family and craftsmanship is clear.

(Credit:Patrick McMullen)

p.s. I finally got these Missoni for Target goodies in the mail today. Would have been PURRfect with my black and white oufit for the NM event. Would have kept my busted bangs from ruining the picture above too. Sigh.


adeleno5 said...

How exciting! Those racks of Missoni gorgeousness...swoon.

lookrichbitch said...

You are such a star! And I'm drooling over all the zigs and zags! Yum!

SableCrow said...

Ah! I love this entry, particularly the part about their perspective on Target/Americans. So lovely. Still smiling.

Federica P. said...

Nice photos, very nice collection...gorgeous...I like all.
I find your blog very nice, I follow you if you want follow me ...too

Jean Bean said...

I forgot the puppehhh!


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