Friday, August 19, 2011

What to Wear on a Date: Gay BFF Edition

The Scene

Lashes Lawyer is my work BFF. I have no idea how I managed to exist for three decades on this planet without him. He is smart. He is kind. And he is important :)

fashion blog 013

So important that we all turned out to fete his pert ass on his recent bday. 

fashion blog 014

Old friends and new came

fashion blog 045

Even one mama visiting from out of town!

fashion blog 032

I didn't stop laughing all night: See that JESUS LOVES YOU card?
fashion blog 026

LOOK at the inscription inside! Perfection.

fashion blog 020

Between cackles at LL's expense, we devoured steaks at Jar.

fashion blog 030

Not many carbs though. Lashes Lawyer doubles as my dietician during the work week. He is very strict. I am very not. **Hungry sigh**

fashion blog 031

We were allowed to snarf small slivers of cake though
(look at Mr. D's anxious eyes darting to LL as fat approaches the table!)

fashion blog 040

. After all a boy only turns 29 eight times ;)

fashion blog 043

The Outfit
J Crew dress

The Accessories
Faux Van Cleef earrings
Me&Ro necklace
Alexander McQueen heels
Vivienne Westwood clutch

The Grade

fashion blog 016

The Commentary
I've been with Mr. Diabolina for 98% of my adult life. So admittedly, I don't know much about dating. I figure the closest I get are my nights out with my gay BFFs.

fashion blog 017

And if you think about it, going out with a gay man tends to be more sartorially daunting. Most straight men just want to get clothes off of you , right? Whereas most of the gay men I love will actually notice what I'm wearing. They will comment on my fashion choices. They actually appreciate all the effort. Case in point: Lashes Lawyer and I planned our outfits together during the work day via IM. And he immediately demanded pictures with me the minute I walked into the restaurant. That's his sign that I've done good. 
fashion blog 015

After going through a few options, I ultimately decided on a summery, flirty J Crew dress. I recently found it at the Cabezon outlets after stalking it in the stores for months. Adore that watercolor print and the Jessica Rabbit shape. It somehow feels retro but classic.   


I wore it because it was occasion appropriate and I know LL loves uber femme looks.  And, let me tell ya, it doesn't get more femme than a strapless dress where your boobs threaten to peek out all night! F.

fashion blog 037

But I guess nip slips are fun for everyone---boy or girl, gay or straight, 29 or 37.

fashion blog 035

Actually 29 year old nips are more fun but what can an old boob do...

The Inspiration






Olivia Palermo







Andrea said...

That dress looks great on you! I especially love the way you paired it with those unexpected shoes. You should've given yourself an "A"!

fshnonmymind said...

I love how you're quoting The Help, lol.

You look fabulous in this dress. Very girly and fun!! I wish I could rock a strapless anything, but my old boobs won't allow that to happen. :)

Monette said...

Your look for that evening reminded me of Dita Von Teese. You look absolutely stunning!

Rachee said...

You look gorg! The dress is fab and lurve the hair.

Jean Bean said...

HOT outfit and I need that card! 5 of them!


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