Thursday, August 11, 2011

InStyle Summer Soiree 2011: Mr. Brad, Ms. Jordy & Miu Miu

The Scene

Went to the InStyle Summer Soiree at The London last night!

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Emma Stone, I mean, Miss JordyPants invited me. Hearts her and any excuse to hear about her adventures in wedding photography and business and general twentysomething awesomeness.

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First celeb we peeped upon arriving was Olivia Munn. OMG! She is hot like fire.


Now I get why all those nerds are bonkers for her. Almost keeled over when I saw THAT  tiny pert ass in that tight white dress. Gave me a may-jor girl boner.

Hadn't downed my first glass of champagne when I saw THE most perfectly messy side bun.

It was attached to an amaze pair of legs in shorts. I couldn't see the girl's face but I was completely entranced with her graceful insouciance, how she carried herself, how she made her way through the crowd. Pointed her out to Miss JordyPants, practically drooling and again sporting major fashion girl wood.

We eventually saw the amazing face attached to the amazing legs and amazing bun: Diane Kruger. Ugh. No wonder she is every fucking designer's darling. She carries herself in a way that makes you want every single thing on her person. Very Euro nonchalant glam. Her head to toe look was my fave of the night.  


As Ms. Jordy and I drank and ate and gabbed about friends, work and family, we'd discretely point out all the celebs walking by: Jamie King in a mash up of Olivia's and Diane's looks


Jennifer Love Hewitt in sequins

David Arquette looking sweet and a bit lost


Cat Deely


That  Georginna from Gossip Girl


That Claire from the OG 90210


That teacher from Glee




We had no idea that Kristin Chenoweth


Lea Michele

And Sarah Silverman---my favorite woman on Twitter---were also at the party.


Probably too busy peeping all the randomness at the party. Like the cigarettes scattered around. Very Mad Men. Don't think I've ever seen that before.

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Also visited the Clarisonic demo cabana next to the Essie manicure cabana.

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Talked to my favorite star of the night (Alison Janney) before getting our photo booth silly on.

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Ended the night gabbing with my new favorite man on the planet, Mr. Brad himself. Ugh. He was even more lovely and charming and chatty than last time. We talked doggies, Trevor Project, Diane Kruger stealing his bow tie signature and that big deal book deal he just announced. Adore his face.

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Esp. adore that upon seeing me, he lit up and said, "Let me look at you...Miu Miu heels...Stella clutch"  Love a man with a photographic memory about accessories. We're kindred spirits like that.

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Miss Jordy fell hard for him too...well before he complimented her adorable denim and sequin look. A+!
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The cherry on top of a celeb-filled night out catching up with my oldest blogging friend? A gift bag stuffed with Essie and the Clarisonic that I've been DYING to try. Best gift bag haul I've seen in years, ladies. Forget the vagaries of Wall Street, I take that as a promising economic indicator.

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But my favorite gifts of the night were the sweet tweets from Mr. Brad and Miss Jordy after the soiree

Not sure how I've lucked out with this life...with so many great peeps surrounding me...but I'm grateful...every day...every gift bag.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Miu Miu heels
Stella McCartney cluth
Me&Ro necklace
Faux Van Cleef earrings and cuff

The Grade

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The Commentary

Meh to my outfit tonight. Def not on par with the fashionistas that brought it at the event. Feel like I'm in a total fashion funk lately. Partly because I feel so out of shape, partly because I'm tired all the time which zaps my sartorial creativity.


Sure, the dress was cute enough. For $20 it's flirty and flowy in all the right places, making it look more pricey than it is. But there wasn't enough of a "wow" factor for the occasion. Nothing particularly on trend and definitely not fashion forward

fashion blog 088

Maybe if it was longer---like this midi---it would have felt more modern.


Wasn't sure the clutch was quite right either. I love it but I think my Chanel bag might have been the better choice.


At least I loved my shoes.

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And how the print of the shoes mixed with the print of the dress.
 Kicked everthing up a notch so it wasn't too Kate Middleton boring.


Best shoes of the night go to these Miu Mius.


Jenna Elfman's

Think maybe I would have felt better about the whole look if I'd spent a little more time on my hair and makeup. Made the bangs behave and the lips pop. Like this gorgeous child.


Sigh. 34's off to a bitch of a start.

The Inspiration



Picture 5


Jordana said...

We did see Lea Michele! But were so blown away by how overdressed she was, we never peeped her face!

I'm so happy you were able to come with! And so thrilled with every chance I get to spend with your pretty face... thanks dearest!

Jean Bean said...

The countdown begins.

lookrichbitch said...

hobnobbing with the likes of Diane Kruger and Jamie King? take a nap and wake up, baby! you've made it!

you can just call me lookJEALOUSbitch from now on.


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