Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Wore to Kardashian Peep: H&M Color Block Dress

The Scene
The day after the Made in NY Awards, Yahoo!'s The Thread interviewed the Kardashians at our Internet Week studios. That meant I needed to be on hand, tweeting and snapping photos.

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 672

From the Mayor and Matt Damon to Khloe and Kourtney? All in a day's work. Bananas that this is my job now, right?

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 694

 Here I am in a screen shot from the final interview: juggling my computer and phone and huge camera, looking very intense, as if I was launching a rocket or curing cancer. I'm bananas serious about work...even when work isn't serious.

New Picture (1)

So here are my observations from all the professional peeping I did:
I was struck by just how itty bitty Kourtney was

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 663

Also surprising: Khloe is not large. Just tall.

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 668

Ugh the scourge of teeny tiny sisters that make you look grande by comparison.
Makes me glad I'm an only child.  

Khloe and Kim Kardasian Talk Fashion on Yahoo!'s The Thread

Also striking: Khloe had QUITE the force of nature presence. Very strong energy, even intimidating.

Khloe and Kim Kardasian Talk Fashion on Yahoo!'s The Thread

Kourtney was the exact opposite. Very low key. Especially noticeable since there is this palpable Tasmanian-devil-carnival-feeding-frenzy vibe whirling around them, between the handlers and bodyguards and teenage fans bearing flowers. It's a strange strange world they inhabit.

Khloe and Kim Kardasian Talk Fashion on Yahoo!'s The Thread

Sadly, the girls were not in my favorite looks the day of the interview. I mean, I get it, their whole schtick is sexy and sexy sells. But I don't care what size you are: looking poured into your outfits isn't haute or hot. And I'm not a big fan of sheen in the day. Or sheer...especially with no bra. I guess I'm turning into an elderly nun.

Khloe and Kim Kardasian Talk Fashion on Yahoo!'s The Thread

 Or maybe it was the staggeringly high black Louboutins. Though gorgeous on their own, when paired with short, tight skirts in the middle of the day...they just felt off. It was all a bit too-too for a sweltering day in NYC.

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 671

I thought our host Sara Bernard, on the other hand, looked pitch perfect. The sexy but flattering dress in an on trend, summery color paired with the leg-lenghtening nude platforms and the fresh hair and makeup. A+ of the day.

Yahoo! Internet Week New York 2011 681

The Diabolina Outfit
H&M color block dress
Stuart Weitzman gold flat sandals (not the Valentinos pictured below)
Betsey Johnson computer bag
Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote

The Grade

Picnik collage

The Commentary
When I'm at a conference it's all about schlepping. I'm running from venue to venue, with a computer and a big camera plus all the regular crap I carry. So the shoes have to be comfortable and the outfit has to move well with me and both have to look professional.
The color block dress was the perfect choice for this HOT child in the city day. Must've been over 90.  It moved and breathed and  managed to look fresh even when I was feeling anything but. The cherry on top: how the colors of the dress worked so perfectly with my funny and fun color blocked computer bag.


At one point as I was snapping shots on my iPhone, Khloe looked right at me. And she definitely gave me the once over. Humph. I guess it's only fair: I was looking her up and down. Duh. She was probably thinking that my dress should be shorter and sandals higher---each by 6 inches.


Moral of the day? When it comes to what you wear while hustling: to each her own ;)

 The Inspiration

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leighton meester pierre hardy shoes country strong premier


perfumeorpoison said...

hey i think you looked amazing, i love the colors on your dress :) i also believe those daffodil pumps are way too heavy for daytime! if i had a chance, i'd much rather wear the shoes from the last pic (are those pierre hardys that leighton meester wore.. somewhere?) :) xoxo

lica said...

aaaaah so cool! i love your dress. i tried it on, loved it but didnt have any shoes to match, so back on the rack it went. you killed it with your shoes!

adeleno5 said...

A+ for staying chic and not losing your mind in the NYC heat and humidity.

lookrichbitch said...

I wish a "celebrity" would give me the once over!

Jean Bean said...

Your girl out-chiced the KKs by a mile. Our girl too.

Ronida said...

Your outfit was totally appropriate and super cute for the occasion! I agree - the Kardashian's shtick is sexy 24-7 but that's just too over the top for me.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I loved this Kardashian recap! People are never large in person that is what I have always found out. If I hear one more person call her fat, ugh! She's my fave and I really enjoyed reading your first hand account.

How awesome is that photo of you working? Keep it up!


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