Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What to Wear on Mother's Day

The Scene
For the Diabolina family, Mother's Day isn't much different than every other Sunday of the year.

fashion blog 169

The main difference on Mother's Day: Mr. Diabolina joins the girly Sunday mommy fun. And we usually try out a new fancypants place for hogging. This year it was the The Belvedere at the Peninsula Hotel.

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To die for blueberry pancakes.

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And crab, lobster and corn frittata.
We were leaving just as they were setting up for the noon tea service.

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Must.try.SOON. Maybe next Sunday.

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Mama Diabolina is a sugar fiend so, before her day was over, I made sure to take her up the street to snarf it up at the one, the only Sprinkles. Shockingly short line on Mommy Day of all days.
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Maybe not all moms make sweet sweet love to the Peanut Butter cupcakes like mine does.

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The Outfit
(OLD ASS) Dress and pashmina I got in the L.A. Fashion District
Me&Ro earrings
Neiman Marcus bangles
Chanel bag

The Grade


The Commentary

The goal for me today was looking like a little dolly for my little dolly. It's the same every Sunday we see each other: we dress up for each other. It's how we roll. It's how we've always rolled.

mami3 (2)

Today's color combo was inspired by all the gorgeous royal blue dresses on the red carpet lately. Felt like I successfully made the oooooold dress new again by pairing it with the Miu Miu heels. Just the right bit of contrast and quirk.

fashion blog 178

LOOOVE my mom's look head to toe look. Tres Chanel. LOOK at the shoes. Super comfy, Valentino knock offs for $120! By IVANKA TRUMP! Got them for her a few weeks ago. Still pondering a pair for myself. The only problem: I don't want to support Donald Trump in anyway. Ugh that freak. 

fashion blog 177

The best accessory of the day award goes to my mom's new Dior sunnies. Her Mother's Day prezzie from her one and only.

fashion blog 181

The Inspiration




Katie Mac said...

You and your mom are so cute and fashionable. I can tell that you guys have a beautiful friendship!

Sheri, RN said...

Beautiful and fabulous Mother's Day! :) Glad you two had such a good time together. :)

Rachee said...

ugh, you guys are too stinkin' cute as usual!

adeleno5 said...

I don't know which I am coveting more - that pb cupcake or those divine sunnies!


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