Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Things To Do, Eat And See In Dallas

1. Pay your respects to the first Neiman Marcus.
The downtown store was the original. But your best best is the one in North Park. We had to see the original though. Jean Bean wouldn't have it any other way.

fashion blog 149

While you peep the pretty at the downtown store, have your boy head down the street to a little park where he can get $2 beers. Mine was happy as a clam with his baby bottle.

fashion blog 148

Perfect place for a nosh if you find yourself downtown.

fashion blog 161

Get the jalapeno stuffed quail legs wrapped in smoked bacon and bathed in ale glaze

fashion blog 155

And---duh---a steak the size of your head.
fashion blog 156

Order the frozen mojitos

fashion blog 168

And then drink in two amazing kitties, the bloggers formerly known as LookRichBitch and TamPham, that you randomly met on the internet three years ago and now love like blogger sisters.
fashion blog 169

NEVER in a million years dreamed that this foursome would ever be in the same room. Much less in Dallas.

fashion blog 173

Only thing cuter than the four of us: Mr. D listening to us yammer about fashion and blogging and men.
fashion blog 177

4. Enjoy a goat of a dinner at Javier's followed by dancing at Red River
I trust Texas Cowboy implicitly.

fashion blog 190

So when he suggested I try goat for the first time, I went for it. Very very very good. Fatty good.

fashion blog 185

My favorite part of the meal---duh---the salsa. Javier's serves the verde warm. Love.

fashion blog 186

And no Texas trip is complete without a visit to a honky tonk where odds are you're going to get beat up.  Ah, Texas.

fashion blog 198

5. Lunch at Sonny Brian's Smokehouse

You know a place with seats like an old house school is gonna be an experience.
fashion blog 202

And it was!

fashion blog 204

Mr. Diabolina was afeard.
fashion blog 205

6. Go window shop at Highland Park Village
Nothing like a posh outdoor shopping village with stores like Hermes, Harry Winston, Chanel and Carolina Herrera that also has a store with guns. That retail for six figures.
fashion blog 217

My fave part of the Beretta Gallery store: the grandparents who had propped up a baby on the gun counter.  A BABY ON A GUN COUNTER!!!

fashion blog 216

Oh and there was this fur bag with a tail. A BAG WITH A TAIL!!!!!!!

fashion blog 212

This lady prefers my bags with bugs.

fashion blog 211

Made of tweed.

fashion blog 210

7. Watch ballet from a box at The Dallas Opera House.

Our visit to Dallas just happened to coincide with a gala benefitting TITAS, an organization committed to bringing the best of the dance world to Dallas.

fashion blog 229

That Neiman Marcus was sponsoring.

fashion blog 232

So we got to watch an amazing ballet command performance from the Neiman's box. *vagina squealing*

fashion blog 226

And behaved...mostly.

fashion blog 234

8. Grab a late nite bite at The Ritz Dallas

Nothing like a Ritz. The cracker AND the hotel.

fashion blog 236

Fearing's is gorgeous for a late dinner. Get the lobster bisque with sizzling rice.
fashion blog 238

9. Check out the Mansion at Turtlecreek

Perfect brunch spot on Easter Sunday.

fashion blog 255

Well, if you're a fancy hot chick

fashion blog 243

If you're a bread guzzling boy, maybe not.

fashion blog 245

Gorgeous grounds and nom-nom-nomy food.

fashion blog 249

10. End your trip with a bang at the DFW Gun Range

After a night at the ballet, we figured we had to shift the hormonal balance of the trip.

fashion blog 261

With some shootin.

fashion blog 265

Little did we know.

fashion blog 267


lookrichbitch said...

you make me happy. *smooch*

i've only done a few of those things on your list.. need to catch up! BANG!

Sable Crow said...

LOVE this post, sharpshooter.

perfumeorpoison said...

love your outfits!!! <3

tam pham said...



Anonymous said...

So cool you had a fab meet-up with the girls! I bet you all had a blast.
I LOVE Dallas and Ft. Worth and Plano and I'm pretty sure Highland Park is some version of Heaven. Dying at the baby on the gun counter, LOL. Texas is hilarious.
Love your Easter outfit!

Rachee said...

Asian coven, I love it! That last picture is hilar!


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