Monday, April 11, 2011

My Interview with Derek Lam for the Neiman Marcus Blog

For the last few months, Jean Bean and I have been discussing the possibility of me freelancing for NM And last week, the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Fashion Blog Diary 186

Mr. Derek Lam was visiting the Beverly Hills store and Jean Bean needed a reporter on the scene.

Derek Lam Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

Interviewing one of the hottest designers on the planet as my first assignment?  Don't mind if I do!!! Grabbed a pen, a fashionable pad and my trusty recorder and was there with bells on.  


After an intimate tea, the lovely Mr. Lam narrated a Fall 2011 runway show and worked with clients one-on-one to answer their questions. I can't even imagine getting styled by the actual designer behind the clothes. Neiman's 90210 ladies have all the luck.
Fashion Blog Diary 163

As the event was wrapping up, I grabbed a few moments with the gracious, articulate designer. No fuss, no muss. Like I sit around talking fashion with famous designers every Tuesday afternoon. Even snapped a few photos for myself despite having a professional photographer on hand.
Derek Lam Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

Had a total "life is insane" moment as I was leaving and peeped my favorite dress from spring. Flashed back to the first time I saw it on the runway last year and then on Kate Bosworth. Never dreamed I'd be interviewing the man behind that dress a few months later.

And I REALLY never dreamed I'd be writing for the store that was a block away from my grammar school growing up. My parents took me to NM's Mariposa Cafe for popovers whenever I'd get good report cards. No wonder, I had quite the taste for hogging and designer clothing by the age of 12.

Life unfolds in such incredible ways, melding your life experiences together and creating unexpected but somehow destined new chapters. Love.
Picnik collage

Here's what I wore for the big interview! Wish I'd had some Derek Lam in my wardrobe to don for the interview. But alas I am Lam-less. So my favorite new H&M dress, Valentino heels and Vivienne Westwood clutch had to do. A+

Picnik collage

Derek Lam at Neiman Marcus


Emily said...

Congrats on your big break! Great article - I really enjoyed your questions. Hope it's the first of many to come.

Shannon said...

OMG...congrats! Great interview and STUNNING NM blogger profile pic! So jeal. Hope you get more of these awesome opportunities! xxoo


Anonymous said...

amazing opportunity!
You rocked that interview and looked incredible as usual.

Jordana said...

fantastic outfit! Fantastic interview! So proud of your face :-)

Rachee said...

<3!!! Congrats!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You look fantastic! What a fantastic project - I'm sure many more are coming your way.

Unknown said...

I love your dress and you get an A+ on your assignment!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love the green skirt and the pics from the DL interview!


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