Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Diary Day 27: Spring 2011

ss 421

The Outfit
Forever 21 jacket, tank and bubble skirt

The Accessories
Kate Spade slingbacks
Vintage satchel
Marc Jacobs sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
I bought this top years ago because the detailing made it look very luxe and the delicious print read very Diane Von Furstenberg.
ss 410

Today it looked very Jill Sander to me with all the bold colors that were hot on the runway for spring. The result: a total freaking hodgepodge of an outfit. Adore the whimsy matchy-matchy symphony of it all. Love when a print is so rich that you can build a whole outfit around it.

ss 429

A reader recently asked the reasoning behind my outfit grades. And I have to admit that it's not a very objective scale. The grades have always been more about how I felt in an oufit rather than how I looked.

If I felt uninspired and utilitarian, it's a C. If I felt invincible and unique, it's an A. Lately the most important critieria was whether I felt like I was taking a risk. And today I felt quirky, chic and yes, risky. Hence the A.   
The Inspiration







Jil Sander SS 20114




perfumeorpoison said...

definitely A+++!! :) love it. reminds me - i really have to buy more prints for my closet. i'm stuck with neutral pieces but i rotate jewelry..
anyway, thanks for the inspiration :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the grading breakdown. Totally makes sense now why I see some of your outfits and think you look great, but they only get a B - pretty doesn't always equal risky. This one, however, seems to hit both.


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