Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Fashion Diary Day 1: How to Wear a Sequins for Day

Have decided to bring things full circle and do a daily outfit post in 2011. Whatcha think???

Cannot believe I managed to have the discipline to chronicle every single outfit and happening of 2008 and most of 2009. That will forever be one of my proudest accomplishments as a writer and fashionista.

So here goes my attempt to be more inspired and insipiring sartorially in 2011...God help us all ;)

Invoice 123

The Outfit

H&M striped sweater and sequin leggings
Vintage trench coat
Kitson hat
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Ring and cuff from L.A. Fashion District
Chloe platforms
YSL bag
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Wanted to start the new year off. Really bring it and set the tone for a year of fabulous. 

After a bit of a fashion emergency/anxiety attack, threw together some daytime sequins with stripes and a trench.  Added one of my favorite pairs of "sensible" shoes with my go-to accessory of the moment, my floppy hat. I heart it.  Very Parisian, crazy lady chic effect, me hopes.

Invoice 130

The blingy cherries on top: new trinkets of deceit bought wholesale at L.A.'s fashion district for a grand total of $6.  A good reminder that luxe trendy looks don't have to cost a fortune.
Invoice 128

p.s. Meet my mom's new Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket and Fashion District ring. Picked both out for her this week.  

Invoice 120

I've requested that when she gets compliments, she makes sure to give me credit as her stylist. Yes, I am crazy...crazy amazing!

Happy New Year!!


JCHokie said...

Woohoo, glad you're bringing back OTD posts! I've enjoyed and missed those.

BTW, so happy for you & your mama that everything checked out ok at her last scan.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

So happy youre doing these again - love them! Happy New Year!

sopamaggie said...

Thrilled to have the daily posts back!

adeleno5 said...

I guess my resolution of not goofing off at work reading fashion blogs is out the window ;)

Jordana said...

sooooo happy this is back! YAH!

StartedOver@28 said...

Soooooooooooooooo glad this feature is back! Can't wait to see the next 364 days.

Anonymous said...

Daily outfits post are the BEST! Keep em coming and Happy New Year!


Shannon said...

love the daily outfit feature! and the hat looks gorge on you!

Monette said...

I've been reading your blog since 2008 and I'm so excited that your daily outfits post is back again. <3<3<3 Your writing & fashion style inspires me!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Sooooooooooo looking forward to your daily outfit posts. Those Chloes are radical btw.

Anonymous said...

Daily Outfit Post are the bomb!!!! So glad to have them back in 2011!

Rachee said...

Awwww yeaaaah!!! This totally made the first day back from my leave bearable. So excited, I missed the daily outfit posts lots!

lookrichbitch said...

For .02 seconds, I thought that photo of your hand was a photo of your foot. My bad.

Liz said...

LOVE the shoes. Love. They wouldn't work in my state but I'll admire from flyover country. :)


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