Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year In Review: 2010 in Shoes

2010 was quite the eventful year. 
A new job, new adventures and new friends.

pics 277

pics 018

all 1529
pics 025

Anne Wedding 218

miumiuswallows7Invoice 052

And apparently, I amassed NINE pairs of new shoes along the way.

ss 189

1. Miu Miu
2. Prada (resale)
3. Alexander McQueen
4. Chloe (resale)
5. Saks Fifth Avenue
6. Elizabeth & James
7. Bakers
8. L.A.M.B
9. Topshop

Love each one of these pairs of shoes more now than I did when I first laid eyes on them. And that's my challenge to you in 2011: buy shoes for the life you want. I feel like the life you want materializes once you have the shoes you want ;)  Kiss!


Anonymous said...

A good year with amazing shoes :)

Unknown said...

Great minds think a like. I was literally just writing a post about how many shoes I've bought this year!!

Happy New Year!!


Jordana said...

Only nine!? Nine beauties though :-)

Thanks for this little reminder. 2011 Goal is to remind my toesies about heels. 2010 with it's slippers and comfy flats has ruined them.

Jean Bean said...

What happened to the crazy Pradas from Off Fifth? You return?


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