Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wear Purple Tomorrow: Take a Stand Against Bullying

Long time blog readers know I am all about the color purple but tomorrow there’s a special reason to sport one of my favorite colors. Over 1 million people have pledged on Facebook to Wear Purple on October 20 to take a stand against homophobic bullying. I hope you'll join us.

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The Wear Purple campaign was inspired by the recent spate of suicides by US teens, who were bullied and ostracized because of their sexual orientation. Given my family's experience with suicide and my dedication to the Trevor Project, the deaths of these babies has WRECKED me.


Luckily I've had an outlet to do something about it. In early July, along with my dear friend and coworker Lashes and 20 other Trevor Project supporters, I helped create The L.A. Trevor Young Professionals Collective. Our group opted to focus on an awareness/fundraising campaign aimed at giving kids all over the country hope.

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We decided to root the campaign in the high school experience and kick off with a homecoming event in the fall and end with a prom in the spring. During the year, we planned to pull together a kind of virtual yearbook of personal videos and images from the LGBTQ community that any child with a computer can access when they need to find strength.

Our first event, TYPC Homecoming 2010, was this last Friday at Capitol City in Hollywood. And it was everything we had hoped for and frankly, more.  We had photo booths, cupcakes, marching bands, cheerleaders, reindeer games, prizes, balloon arches, half time shows, cocktails, a homecoming court and one of the most enthusiastic, fun group of attendees I've ever seen. We hosted over 250 beautiful gays and their straight allies.  And best of all, we raised $5,900 to help save young lives.

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In the end, our goal was to reclaim a time in life that was challenging for most of us---straight and gay alike. We wanted to create an affirming event for the LA community and use photos from that event to prove to kids all over that it gets better (love Dan Savage!)

We wanted to show them they can find a community. They can belong. They can have fabulously wonderful adulthoods. They just have to get through this moment.



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So this Wednesday, October 20, I ask you to do your part. Wear your purple with pride.  Let bullied teens know they’re not alone. Take a stand against homophobia, discrimination and hate.

And if you can, make a contribution to The Trevor Project.
Do it in the name of a child you love.


Jean Bean said...

Purple Urple!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder about tomorrow!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You're amazing Diane and I hope more people will be inspired to give back to the community.

PS Where are all the lesbians at?

Da Fashionista said...

amen, FI. and where are all the straight women at?? this is about our children. If mothers don't lead the way, I don't know how we are going to win this fight.

honey my heart said...

i will be wearing purple. love your blog post and reading about your activism :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

I guess I'm representing the straight women! Saw your post yesterday and wanted to let you know I'm wearing my purple today and mentioned your blog on me own humble bloggity ogg.

Thanks for the work that you do!!!


Sheri, RN said...

Thanks for posting about this, I'll be sure to wear purple today! :)

adeleno5 said...

Great work - thanks for the reminder and the inspiration. I am in purple, and I just made a donation to the Trevor Project.

amber said...

Looks like a fabulous event! I rocked my purple at work AND the gym yesterday. :)

Tina said...

Yeah! Purple durple! I just found your blog via Twitter (Chloe) and am in LOVE with your stuff! This post especially...it is near and dear to my heart as well.

Jordana said...

So proud of you! Yah for all the fundraising and awareness. Looked fabulous!


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