Thursday, October 14, 2010

NYC gets Tucker and Tucker gets bloggers

Remember how I recently fell for Tucker...hard?


The feminine prints. The comfortable, chic shapes. The languid, lady-like aesthetic. Love, love and more love.


Was thrilled to see so many fashionable ladies sporting Tucker for Target while I was in NYC. Realized why Tucker is probably more popular back east. 


First of all, NYC is where the brand was born. There's a store there and probably stronger distribution. Also, the Tucker look is just more intellectual.  It's more Euro Prada than L.A. Juicy Couture. Ultimately, sadly, New Yorkers get fashion in a way Angelenos often don't.






And it seems that Tucker gets blogger relations in a way most brands don't.  After nearly three years of blogging, I've never gotten a personal thank you from a brand.  Until Tucker.


A few weeks ago, Tucker's marketing manager reached out to thank me for my recent blog post about meeting Tucker founder Gaby Basora. She asked for my address to send me an early preview of the holiday collection and a token of Tucker's appreciation. Too lovely!

pics 019

A few days later, much to my delight, I received a gorg Holiday look book with a blouse on the cover that I NEED in my life and a cute little tote in my favorite print, polka dots. I'm telling you that Tucker marketing is gooood.  


But my favorite trinket: a Tucker print ribbon.  Will wear it as a head band and a belt. Maybe even get my p.s. I made this on and make a necklace with it.  Nothing like a versatile thank you gift! ;)  

pics 023

Check out more Fall Tucker Collection here.


fshnonmymind said...

Lucky you!! I love that polka dot bag they sent with the lookbook.
I wore my Tucker for Target dress yesterday and I love it. I would gladly buy more stuff because she is the best with prints, sadly some things don't agree with my body shape (darn my broad shoulders).

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

This is cool and I love that tote bag! Nothing beats a thank you note.

Anonymous said...

how do you feel about the short sleeve dresses with the Tucker buttons? I can't decide if I should get them.

Da Fashionista said...

meh, anon. i feel like the prints didn't do it for me. i like something a little bit more unique. if they go on sale, i say maybe


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