Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall 2010: How to wear leopard

I adore leopard.  But I get that most women: not so much.  I get that most women aren't over-the-top, attention-whoring, Latin, Leo SOME people. 


I get that for most women, the easiest way to incoporate leopard into a wardrobe is often with an accessory like a bag, a shoe, a belt, a scarf.




I totes get that even a  leopard vest or a blouse or a pair of pants is comfortably out of most women's comfort zones.




I get all that.  But you have to get that I recently fell in love with Zina's blog, FashionVibe


And her images of fashion insiders wearing animal prints in big bold ways
= encouraging my wild tendencies.  





After all, I think it's good to stand out from the crowd. To make a statement. To take a chance. 
With how you live your life AND how you wear your clothes. 


I think it's just plain FUN TIMES to be a dancing machine at your friend's dirty thirtieth.

In  a Banana Republic (OF ALL VANILLA BRANDS) leopard dress.

a 273


a 313

To pair a whole lotta print with even MORE lips

a 293

And top everything off, with the most TOO MUCH shoes you own.
a 361

That is until  you get your claws on these leopard beauties


Meow meow your thoughts about the leopard in the comments. 
Really want to know how many of you are rocking the trend currently.


Lenya said...

I LOVE leopard print on everything. And loved that you paired it with those fantastic shoes!

amber said...

<3 this post. I just decided this fall that I need a few leopard pieces in my life. Scored a pretty cute classic brown/black leopard scarf to dress up a brick red dress and have my eyes on a snow leopard one from Ann Taylor. Also bought the most beautiful snow leopard sweater knit that is destined to become a fitted wrap sweater in the very near future.

I've never been a huge fan in the past, but I'm becoming obsessed this year.

fshnonmymind said...

I'm this close to buying a leopard clutch right now. I have been sticking to accessories: shoes, belt, scarf; but I think I could venture into other territories too. If I score a lovely leopard blouse or coat in the thrift store (fingers crossed), I would definitely rock it.

shoppingqueen said...

love leopard!

Lauren said...

I have my Target leopard print shoes on today!

fancypants said...

Since I cut all of my hair off, I've been rocking a leopard bow headband/scarf-like thing I got at Forever 21. So fun!

Jean Bean said...

Had a fuzzy leopard top from Elegance. Wore with black hussy-pants to frat parties. Nothing has changed.

InnyVinny said...


JCH said...

I rocked my leopard top yesterday at work! Loud and proud...and thanks for the shout out :) Leopards at the Mayan have more fun.

Jill Fantastic said...

My three year old leopard peep toes are still going strong and I just bought a leopard print cardigan from H&M. But I'm thinking it's more of a giraffe print. Fail?


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