Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Denim Shirt, a Turban & a Peach...U MAMI!

Does the universe ever conspire against you?  It apparently hates me and my Peach. For weeks, we'd been so excited for my 10 day trip to NYC. Aside from gorging and shopping, we'd been planning on getting out of town for my first Hamptons trip.  LOVE!


So of COURSE something had to go wrong. Phantom needed Peach in LA the exact days I was going to be NYC.  DOH!!!!


Well not exactly exact.  We had a few hours of overlap. So we chose to do what we do best: pig.


I am not ashamed to say I have never been to Umami Burger.  I know I know. It's the best burger in LA blah blah blah.  But you don't see me nekkid.  I really gotta stop with the hogging. 

But having a Peach in town constitutes a special occasion. Plus the Hollywood location is near the Pantages, where the Phantom national tour will be coming to an end on Halloween.Get your tix now!


Don't think Peach quite knew what I got him into until they brought the burgers out.


That's all kinds of chiles on my burger and a parmasean crisp on his. BOTH HEAVENLY!  Not heavy or particularly greasy. Everything just tasted fresh and nuanced. 


We were extremely happy bestie piglets.


Who wouldn't be with tempura onion rings.


Or a MILK ice cream sandwich for desserty


For this hogfest, I debuted my new denim H&M button down.  Love the fading on it.  And the $20 price tag. Didn't want to invest too much since I was worried it would make me feel like a Texas truck driver.


As with brogues, my top tips for werking this trend are: pair it with feminine pieces or show alot of leg. Going to try to work up to denim on denim.  But think it might be too much construction worker for my inner drag queen to take.  









Ashley Olsen Denim Shirt

denim diane kruger







One thing my inner drag queen looooves:  my F21 turban headband.  Wore it special for Peach.

He's obsessed with this fierce mystery lady that he sees all over NYC. She lives in turbans.


diabolinadisneyland 201


Sable Crow said...

Love it! And your inner drag queen.

Monette said...

My friend and I get really excited to read your updates. She signed up for twitter yesterdat just so she follow you 

Jean Bean said...

I eat your faces, then those brgrs.

fshnonmymind said...

Those burgers look too delicious. I love your piggie tendencies, it gives me a great list of places to put on my list for whenever I make it out to the left coast again. :)

I'm surprised you were hesitant to try the chambray shirt. I bought my first one a few months ago and love it!!! I think it goes with so much and I want to wear it all the time.
I think Jenna Lyons did an excellent job of wearing denim on denim at NYFW, she gave me some inspiration should I build up the nerve too to try that trend.

lookrichbitch said...

I want your bag. Who? What? Where?

And I don't like onions so I always pull them out of my onion rings and just eat the ring. Mmmm.. Ring...

tam pham said...

chambray shirts are my crack lately. ashley olsen's my style icon when it comes to chambray.


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