Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Feature: Mommy and Me Matching

My mom and I are BFFs. She is my biggest fan and I am hers. We live to eat and laugh and shop - not necessarily in that order.

Over the last two years of blogging, I've realized just how often we end up matching. It's downright spooky. So I figured another new feature should chronicle our adventures in fashion ESP. Hope you enjoy tales of me and my mini me and how we're sartorially linked.


This is what I showed up wearing for Mommy Sunday last weekend: Forever top, sunnies and necklace paired with a BCBG skirt, Louis Vuitton flats and Gucci purse.

And this is what my mom greeted me at the door wearing: Hanes tank, Bloomingdale's cashmere cardigan, Theory slacks, Marc Jacobs shoes, Chanel purse and Valentino sunnies.

Can you believe we both chose the exact same beige and red color palette? That I wore stripes and she wore leopard - the two hottest prints for spring? AND that even the bows on our little old shoes matched???

Sadly this similar taste in fashion can lead to problems. Like today we both fell in love with a Missoni sweater. Just 80 dollars resale and neither of us owns Missoni (well except those scarves I brought back from Century 21!) I spotted it first but ended up letting her have it. Because it looked better on her and because she now owes me one. 'Dems the rules of resale shopping with me. MWAHAHAHHAH!

Here's some more red inspiration to feast your eyes on

But my favorite: the red soles on these BARBIE LOUBOUTINS!

The Louboutin barbie is the perfect belated Christmas present that you've been meaning to get me. I mean when are we ever gonna get FOUR pairs of Louboutins for $150?


Tabitha said...

You and your mom are so adorable!

honey my heart said...

you two are so adorable and stylish :)

WendyB said...

The matching shoe bows are too cute.

@parmie said...

Your mom is so cute! I have the same cardigan as her!!

Jen said...

How fun!

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Love this post. You and your mum are perfect! Really want a Louboutin Barbie now....

Danielle Barbe said...

aww how cute.


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