Monday, January 4, 2010

New Feature: Still Loving...

As we head back to work (boo!) and look forward to a new year of fashion (yay!), here's a quick rundown of the things I'm still loving for the new decade.

1. Gray, gray and more gray
My love affair with gray turned into full-blown obsession over the past year. It has become my go to neutral. Softer than black but just as chic - especially when you rock it head-to-toe. Pair it with pink, burgundy or yellow this spring and I promise you'll fall head over heels.

2. Blissful Blazers
The only thing I love more than gray is a gray BLAZER. I've been on the blazer bandwagon since last spring. And yet there's no other article of clothing that I turn to with more regularity. As I've put on a bit of poundage, I find they provide just the right amount of tush and mid-section coverage. They can take you from work to evening with just a change of accessories. And they work equally well with leggings or a flirty dress, boots or stilettos, prints or solids. Who could ask for a more functional wardrobe staple?

3. A Whole Lotta Shoulder Action
Blame it on Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabanna and all the knock-offs but I cannot get enough of puffy, embellished or padded shoulders. Sure, all of us who aren't models have to be careful with proportions when rocking this trend. But remember: an emphasis on shoulders makes the waist look smaller. Who couldn't use that after a holiday season of hogging?

4. Legs for Days
Fact: There's no simpler, more flattering, less expensive way in the winter to up your stylish factor than a pair of tights. Think of them as a way to transition warm weather dresses and skirts into the colder months ahead. Make them as tame or wild as you wanna. Like any accessory, you can use them to express what you're feeling on a given day. Lately I'm feeling X rated fishnet ;)

5. Casually chic headgear
A floppy hat, a headband, a turban, a knit cap, a scarf - pick your poison. They all give your hair a break from both over-styling and harsh weather. They are also a great option to tone down sexy cold weather looks like fur and boots...and boots with the fur ;)

p.s. It happened again this year. I asked Santa for perfectly imperfect hair and all I got was some lousy products to help approximate this tousled amazingness. Not fair.


tam pham said...

i agree with you on all of these 100% especially #1. love me some gray.

ps. i miss your outfit pics :-(.

Kanishka B. said...

I love this post, just what I was looking for. What do you think about booties? yay or nay as a continued trend in 2010?


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