Friday, December 4, 2009

Patti's Piggie: USC Homecoming 2009

USC Homecoming 2009

So let's not talk about the game. Ever.

Instead, let's talk about yummier things like my pre-game sausage fest. With Mr. Diabolina in San Francisco for a month-long trial (waaaaaah!), I had to make due with THREE beautiful, hilarious, gay boyfriends for this year's festivities. Poor me, right?

Promptly at 9 am, Sable Crow, Mr. Architect, Mr. NBC and I showed up at the USC LAMBDA Alumni tailgate and went to gay piggie WORK. Hit the bar for mimosas, the buffet for omlettes, the dancefloor for a little Bad Romance and the buffet again for carb offset switching from mimosas to straight champers....all before 10:30 am.

At some point, I switched to one of my greatest guilty pleasures: malt liquor. I know, I know: you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl.

I typically prefer Mickey's but Mr. D's high school bff came bearing King Cobra. Who was I to say no? It's not like I'm a responsible 32 year old grown woman watching her weight. Perish the thought.

Per usual, malt liquor leads to hilarious things like chestering nubile young co-eds with your old fart cronies.

And thinking that when during the game the boys suggest garlic fries and funnel cake in addition to the burrito you ALREADY inhaled, it's a FABULOUS idea. F. WHY DO I INSIST ON EATING LIKE A MAN???

So that's where I was when the Trojan Football empire came crashing down: eating like a hog, drunk as a skunk. Thank god.

Diabolina "most my jeans don't fit and I wonder why" Da Fashionista


tam pham said...

i approximate that i gain at least 5lbs during football season. it's usually worth it if our team kicks ass. unfortunately for both of us, ours teams sucked ass this year :-(.

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I heart Mickeys. And champagne. I think the two of us could cause a lot of trouble together if we lived in the same city.

Victoria said...

Too funny and can't believe the Mickey's. That just brought me back to being 19 again :)

Debbie said...


You haven't heard from me yet, but I've been reading you for a few months, ever since a Google search for "UCLA Thrift Store" turned up you. I'm a bit addicted (to both your blog and the store). I've learned so much, though, I have to say. Thank you so much! Well, actually the purpose of this comment was to tell you about this green flowy DVF cami and dark red Marc Jacobs blazer I saw at the UCLA Thrift Shop today... Reminded me of you, and though I'm not as good a judge as you, they seem stocked with goodies right now (their grand opening was two days ago). I hope that might be useful ;)


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