Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Feature: Why I Heart L.A.
After 32 years of living in L.A. I've heard it all: L.A. is fake, plastic, filled with industry bottom feeders. L.A. has no culture, no fashion scene, no music scene. L.A. is no NYC, London, fill in the blank.

If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm one of those born and bred Angelenos who adores her hometown. I personally think anyone who hates on L.A. is just jealy and can kiss my phat ass.

L.A. - like any place - is what you make of it. If you want to hang out with scenester douchebags, you and in Peoria. If you want to surround yourself with interesting, fun, good people, you can do that in L.A too. I know I do.

So another new feature will chronicle fun times with cool peeps that one can only have in L.A. Last week, I had back-to-back events that are the exact reason "Why I Heart L.A."

Thanks to Racked L.A., I nabbed a golden ticket to the early VIP preview of the new "collection" of Chanel at Decadestwo. Only one word accurately captures the gorgeousness my peepers witnessed the minute I stepped through the doors of the Willy Wonka Factory of resale: OMFG.

The shoes, jewelry and bags were all yummy but the jacket selection was my favorite. So classic, so much delish detailing, and sooooo out of my price range. Yep, sadly, even at 40- 60 percent off, the jackets STARTED at $1500.

Nevertheless, I very seriously considered getting this delectable coat the minute I slipped it on. The feel of Chanel on your body is like nothing else. I think it might actually be better than the taste of a Sprinkles cupcake on your tongue. I know it sounds like blasphemy but have you ever been enveloped by tweed with interlocking C's?

Thankfully, Sable Crow showed up and talked me off the Chanel ledge. He might have even promised to whip me up a Chanel look alike if I'm a good girl. Fingers crossed that Karl wannabe comes through for this Coco wannabe.

After Chanel, I raced home, changed out of polka dots and leopard spots and into sequins and red lips. Had to get my OG on at a par-tay of a very different flava.

2. Snoop Dogg's "Malice N Wonderland" Record Release at Vanguard

When The Brown Devil invited us to the Malice N Wonderland (best album name EVER) party last week, I won't lie - I thought I was THE SHIZNIT. Death Row pretty much provided the soundtrack to my college experience. Let me tell you, you haven't lived til you've danced to California Love wearing tight black pants in a South Central dorm room after downing a forty.

Not sure why sequin leggings screamed Snoop to me tonight but they did.

Ended up being a great call since Snoop was rolling a blingy knuckle ring that put my sparkle to shame. Was so mesmerized by The Doggfather (second best album name ever) that I practically missed the fact that Pharrel Williams, Warren G, Nate Dogg and Travis Barker joined him on stage. Sick, sick, sick performance.

Nearly died of joy when I heard "Gin and Juice." Pretty sure it's one of the songs that Mr. Diabolina danced to on our first date in 1996. We're just gansta like that. Westsiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

3. Complex Magazine Premium Goods party at My House

On Wednesday, The Brown Devil invited us to another party in Hollywood. And since Mr. Diabolina's old ass is physically incapable of going out two nights in a row, I invited Daisy Duke's as my plus one.

Started the night with cocktails at my house and ended at My House - the ingenious club designed to look like someone's ultra cool home complete with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and VIP spa. Best gimmick that doesn't read gimmicky EVER. Probably why stars flock there.
Tonight Mr. Ryan Phillippe may have checked out Daisy Duke's on the way out. Don't tell Danny B.

Also getting lots of attention tonight the um, Pretty Women in the crowd. Funny how MY black boots didn't get nearly as much attention when paired with leggings and a skirt instead of Gaga undies.

But the centerpiece of the outfit was my $19 new Forever 21 top. Confession: I am struggling with a MAJOR stripes addiction at the moment. Easy, classic, no brainer way to look chic and Parisienne. Red lips help too.

But my favorite part of the top: the puffy shoulders. Sooooo Dolce and Gabanna on a dime. Want this top in every color and print.

Made me feel powerful if a bit linebacker large. Sigh. Tried to channel the queen of strong shoulders: Rihanna. Or maybe her older wiser sister.


Sheila said...

<3 the post!

Adeleno5 said...

Love the red lips!

Mar5195 said...

Amen Sister! I imensely dislike when people complain about our fine city. If where they came from was so great why'd they leave.

And I notice all the douchebag people in LA usually aren't from here which explains alot.

Like the red lips.

sarahwl said...

Are you doing something new with your make-up? More eyeliner? Maybe it's the lipstick? whatever it is-- you look FANTASTIC! I always want to do heavy black liner like that but when I do, I just feel weird. Maybe I'll attempt it once again.

Secondly, I LOVE LA! I moved here from San Diego 5 years ago, and haven't looked back.

And lastly, another thing I love-- Stripes! I think I'll be running to F21 tomorrow to check out the selection.

Very glad to see a new post from you- best wishes and healing vibes to your mom! :)

Rosemary said...

hoorayhoorayhooray! So thrilled for this new category! I feel like I'm constantly defending LA against out of town elitists.

lookrichbitch said...

i remember riding in the car w my daddy back in da nine-six when Gin and Juice came on the radio.. daddy said the song sounded scary. hahaha. he no speaka engrish too good.


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