Thursday, December 3, 2009

Patti's Piggie: Bottega Louie

My mom's name is Patti. And she is 100 % the reason I am a pig. She freely and proudly admits to overfeeding me as a baby. It's like I never had a fighting chance. Food is love after all for us browns.

My love for food has always defined me. I tend to organize my life around meals, gravitate toward other pigs as friends, dress to obscure my ever expanding waistline. That means this blog would not be complete with some posts dedicated to my pigging ways. Tough titties to people like Mr. Diabolina who don't like to eat.

So another new blog feature will be Patti's Piggie. These posts will chronicle my adventures in hogging. I hope you enjoy licking the computer screen.

(p.s. This picture of my mom and me was taken for my first Christmas. We've decided it is the portliest both of us have ever been at the same time. She is going to be HORRIFIED when she sees it online. That's what she gets for creating a monster.)

Bottega Louie
700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(866) 418-9162

A few weeks ago I got together for dinner with two former co-workers, The Peeper and Miss M. They may look like skinny angels but make no mistake, they are two of the biggest porkers I have ever met.

Mr. Diabolina will occasionally wax poetic about The Peeper's ability to inhale crawfish and Miss M's technique for polishing off a plate o' chicken wings. Dunno why it's cute when they do it and horrifying when I do. F.

Tonight we started with Meatballs Marinara

Corn, Swiss chard & Bacon

Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Sage Crostini

But our favorite every time is the house made pasta, cherry tomatoes, garlic, arugula, extra virgin olive oil & Reggiano parmesan. Look closely and you can see that the pasta is lightly toasted. Fried pasta=heaven.

We ended the meal with a tasty chocolate souffle.

But just as we started digging in we all remembered we had also ordered a pizza. Our waiter took one look at us and assumed we wouldn't possibly want it now....right? We told that guy that yes, yes we would. And so we ate a clam, Mozzarella, pecorino Romano, roasted peppers, thyme, extra virgin olive oil & garlic pizza after dessert.

I don't think I've ever been prouder of myself.

I also don't think I've ever weighed more than I do right now. I keep blaming my thyroid but eating like a hog has not been helping. Boo.

Have been trying to get to the gym more. And torturing myself with pictures of former curvy mamas turned skinny minnies. Maybe 2010 is the year for me....maybe suddenly I'll lose my tastebuds!


Anonymous said...

random but:
diabolina, i remember for a while you had a wish list that included a gold it's NOT the same by any means but right now on hautelook there are invicta mens watches for stupidly cheap. check it out, i thought of you!

ShoeZQ said...

LOL. I was so hoping you would have a feature like this. Loves it!

Lisa said...

LOVING all of these new posts. And, I love me some good food :).

♥Rosie said...

euww.. is that J-LO?? no me gusta!

Kelley said...

I think I really really love you now.

tam pham said...

LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! Loving the pic of you and your mama even more.

Sable Crow said...

Love this feature! Oink squawk!

Sable Piggy Crow (who's on a no-carbs diet for two weeks)

amber said...

How did I not know your mommy's name? My mom is Patty, too. :)

Rate Your Hairdresser said...

Oh, I wish I could eat as much as you and be as 'fat' as you. What are you...less than 120lbs?

Kate said...

PS - making pot roast for my fave pdx gays tonight. Wish you could come!

Kate said...

I love that you are a hog.

Ro said...

Mmm, Bottega Louie is my favorite! I used to go there all the time, it's walking distance from me. You're reminding me that I haven't been there in awhile :) Have you tried their macarons? omg.

Natalie / Fashion Intel said...

I really hate how Kim K. has succumbed to self-loathing. Her new nose, sheesh. I thought she was "proud" of who she was.

I love Bottega Louie. They have some delicious chai if you ever need a hot drink. Sooooooooo good!


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