Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Scene
Went over to Sable Crow's tonight. For dinner with a side a packing.

Mr. Crow is flying off to England and then Scotland for 10 days. That lucky bitch.

Tonight I helped him pack for such diverse activities as clubbing in London and falconry in Edinburgh. Tall order. Encouraged him to pack everything from Costume Nacionale booties, an Armani leather jacket, three pairs of jeans, saucy hats, shit kicker boots, label whore cuffs, Nike trainers and handmade scarves.

My payment for helping him pack like a rockstar: vanilla ice cream with strawberries covered in maple syrup.

Ugh I hate skinny friends who teach me pig-rrific concoctions.

But love knowing my friends well. Like when I buy them a little something for our favorite holiday of the year.

And then I notice they've already begun decorating ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Forever 21 green parka

The Accessories
Fashion District ring
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Chloe sunglasses
Prada heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Wanted to test drive the green jacket with a little dress today

Very Marc Jacobs for Spring

Chose the Phillip Lim look-alike dress because I'm loving the Lim looks for spring. Flirty and flowy dresses.

Nicely balanced with some more masculine looks.

Helping Sable Crow pack today made me long to be a boy. Seems so much simpler. At least when it comes to fashion...


amber said...

I cringe at what I packed for our Paris/Rome/Venice honeymoon. :( It all went well together, but it was so booooring. I'm glad you encouraged Sable Crow to pack a wide variety of stuff.

Sable Crow said...

Ugh! Your packing job was FANTASTIC. I wore those boots ALL the time, and they were major in London. These nouveau riche Japanese guys stopped in Selfridges and hid behind a rack of Steve McQueen to ogle my boots. And point. They weren't very subtle, which I LOVED!

And the boots were puurfect in the fields outside the castle.




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