Monday, August 10, 2009

The Scene

Sushi dinner with KFR and The Biscuit tonight to make up for the fact that they couldn't make it to my birthday par-tay.

Then went down the street to meet KBro for an after dinner drink. To make up for the fact that he was an old fart on my birthday and bailed early.

Felt so blessed tonight to catch up with three former coworkers, with three current mentors. They are three of the people I look up to most. Each for very different reasons. Each one has helped me grow in such indelible ways.

And each one of them continues to help me cope and give me hope. Hope that I'll find my way. Soon soon soon...

The Outfit
Forever 21 top and bubble skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 bracelet
Chanel bag and earrings
Kate Spade slingbacks

The Grade

The Commentary

Bought this skirt yesterday.

Just $17.

Loads of brush stroke prints at Forever right now.

Super luxe looking - Dries Van Noten crossed with DVF.

Heart the voluminous shape of the skirt. Even if my hips don't.

I recommend wearing your bubble hems now. Go ahead and get a leg up on all the fashionistas who will be rocking them this fall.

Debuted my fourth and final pair of birthday shoes today. Yes, another pair of blue peep toes. This time patent leather. And cobalt. And just $100.

Will offer such a fresh alternative to black in my shoe wardrobe.

Soooo Gossip Girl meets Sex and the City.



Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love love love the shoes!! So nice and summery. And fancy MrKbro - he is smokin too.

amber said...

Killer color combo.
(And yes, I love alliteration. ha!)


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