Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Scene
Four days in row now that I've felt symptom free. Today I felt completely normal. Thank the baby Jesus!!! Down to three pills instead of half of dozen. And finally received and paid all the doctor's bills.

Haven't completely processed how the last month of being ill - for the first time in my life - has affected me. I just know that I'm trying to not push myself too much. I'm trying to be kinder to myself, more forgiving, less reactive. I think that's all anyone of us can do during stressful times.

The Outfit
Forever 21 LBD

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and bracelet
Marc Jacobs clutch
Chanel earrings and heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Big meeting at work today. So I asked myself what would Marc and Karl do ;)

Opted for a little LBD with my blue clutch for contrast.

Sassed it up with a new Forever 21 necklace. It's like a lei of ribbon and pearls. Our one female VP couldn't stop raving about it. She is the best dresser in the office. A+ for me.

Necklaces are the simplest way to reinvent old dresses for the summer. Some great options on sale at Banana Republic right now.

Felt very Chanel today.

Which means chic.

And Euro.

The only thing missing: the new Chanel moto.

I die!

For now I'll have to settle for Chanel heels to get me around. Thought about being edgier and wearing booties.

Seems like all the fashion-y pyts are rocking dresses with booties this summer.

Think I pulled out my cage shoes today because I am still reeling from ...love Maegan's AHmazing YSL Cage DYI post.

Considering taking some of her tricks and making a YSL cage belt lookalike. Stay tuned....


Kelley said...

Love the necklace with that dress! But ummm...how the heck do you walk in those shoes? I would trip and fall, no doubt.

Jean Bean said...

Totes thought you were rocking a lei, from the first photo. Me gusta mucho!

Sheila said...

<3 your clutch! I have been eyeing them for the last year.

Milly said...

great necklace

Tabitha said...

I love how you pair things together at all price points. Very inspirational!

Victoria said...

LOVE that necklace! Glad you are feeling better!

Unknown said...

yeah ...I almost did the belt too...but it takes FOREVER ...I promised someone a cuff ...when I finally get around to making it for her I may just do the belt too. Again, it's easy but super time consuming. do it :)

amber said...

Love the necklace. Love the 'do. Love that you're feeling better. :)


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